Thursday 16 April 2009

Inkspell - Cornelia Funke

Inkspell - Cornelia Funke

Pages: 675
Publisher: Chicken House
Release Date: 5th June 2006

Other Titles in This Series: Inkheart (my review), Inkdeath

Let the imaginary become real…

Although a year has passed, not a day goes by without Meggie thinking of the extraordinary events of Inkheart, and the story whose characters strode out of the pages and changed her life for ever.

But for Dustfinger, the fire-eater, torn from his world of words, the need to return has become desperate. When he finds a crooked storyteller with the magical ability to read him back, he sets in motion a dangerous reversal that sees the characters of Inkheart transported to a charmed Inkworld, about to be fought over by rival rebels and princes.

I know that Inkspell is a long book but it took me so long to read. I found it quite hard to keep slugging through it until the last hundred pages or so when the pace really picked up and all the exciting things happened.

The development of Meggie and Farid's relationship in this one kept me going. I'm sucker for romance and theirs was sweet and understated. The scenes between the two of them were definitely my favourite parts of Inkspell.

Inkworld was a place that I'd love to visit even through all the danger. I became obsessed with the idea of reading myself in and characters out of a book. Wouldn't that be amazing? Anyone want to meet Jace and Edward? I so do!

When Inkdeath, the final installment of the trilogy is released in paperback I'll get it and eventually read it but it's not a book I'm on tenterhooks for (like City of Glass for instance!).



  1. Great review! I haven't read any of this series, but you're making me want to!

  2. Ooh col idea about meeting Edward and Jace. Hell yes!

    I know what you mean about a book being sluggish. I haven't read these, but they always looked hard to get through.


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