Saturday, 2 January 2016

2016 Classics Challenge

One of my proudest achievements in 2015 was finally, finally, completely my challenge of reading a classic a month. It was hugely helped by discovering the #2015ClassicsChallenge which has been run by the lovely Stacey from Pretty Books for the last four years. Obviously, I'm taking part again in 2016!

These were the books I read in 2015:

Stacey’s rules are pretty simple. Read a classic a month (and if you’re stuck on what qualifies as a classic, have a look at some of her past choices) and blog, vlog or tweet about your read using #2016ClassicsChallenge! There’s also the option to take part in the quarterly Twitter chat, #ChatClassics, the first of which will be taking part on 16th January at 8pm GMT and there’s even a format which you can use to discuss the books you read for the challenge.

WHEN I Discovered This Classic
WHY I Chose to Read It
WHAT Makes It a Classic
WHAT I Thought of This Classic
WILL It Stay a Classic
WHO I’d Recommend it To

I think I’ll be using this format this year, even though I enjoyed the way I did it in 2015, because it gives some room to approach the reading from some cool angles.

I have to admit that there are so many classics I want to read that I have a whole Word document with a list of them saved on my laptop, so narrowing it down to 12 for 2016 has proved tricky. Here are some that I most want to read, but I still have more than I’ll manage – which should I make sure I get to in 2016?

So are you tempted to join in yet? Take a look at Stacey’s launch post, sign up for the challenge and newsletter and be entered to win a bundle of gorgeous Vintage classics!

I’ll be updating my progress throughout the year on Twitter, the blog and in this post with links to my discussions of the books.

Classics Read in 2016

January        -        Agnes Grey|The Castle of Otranto|The End of the Affair
February      -        Madame Bovary|The Lottery and Other Stories
March           –       Jamaica Inn|Alice in Wonderland
May              –        North and South|
June             –       
July              –       
September    –       
October        –       
November     –       
December     -       



  1. I'm in! I read a few in 2015, but would like a more disciplined a approach for 2016!

  2. I'm really excited for this too! Looks like you've got some excellent books lined up. Of the ones I've read, I especially enjoyed The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, The Scarlet Letter, and Wide Sargasso Sea. I haven't decided all the books I'm tackling this year, but planning to start with Dracula.

  3. I've read almost all the Bronte novels (with the exception of Shirley) and Villette is one of my favorites. The first half is kinda slow, but it definitely picks up in the second half. I really think it's ahead of its time even by today's standards, but I don't want to give anything away. I also really loved Tenant and Wide Sargasso Sea.


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