Thursday 20 March 2014

Jobs for a Bookworm

I really hate my job. It’s not me in any way. I’m not a numbers girl (I work in a bank), I like words. That line of thought often leads onto an epic fantasy of my dream book-related jobs. Some are fairly reasonable, the others not so much...

The Fairly Average

LIBRARIAN – Protector of the Books; Distributer of Awesome

AUTHOR – The Creator

REVIEWER/FREELANCER – All of the Books, All of the Time (plus pj’s)

PUBLISHER - *sing* I got to read it before yo-ou.

BOOKSELLER – Buy All of My Favourite Books NOW

The 'oh, if only...'

HERMIONE GRANGER - If I don’t read, my friends will die in their stupidity.

PERPETUAL STUDENT – “I was TOLD to spend the morning in bed reading, actually.”

PROFESSIONAL FANGIRL – I think we’ve got this one down... Shame it doesn’t pay.

BE BELLE FROM BEAUTY IN THE BEAST – That library. ‘Nuff said.

CURATOR OF THE LIBRARY OF ALEXANDRIA – An a world of lost ancient knowledge at your fingertips.

What’s your dream bookish job? Or would you prefer to keep your love of books and reading to a hobby?



  1. I wish I could have a bookish job. In a way, I do though, as an english teacher. My dream bookish job would be to be an editor or a published author. Yay for dreams.

  2. I'm kind of in it now - bookselling! I love when all the new books come in and I can buy them with staff discount. And have a sneaky peek at embargoes weeks in advance. My favourite part, though, is recommending books I've loved and seeing customers love them too. It's the best feeling!

  3. LOVE this post! Also, your taglines are adorable. I do hope you find something you enjoy soon lovely- you so deserve it!

  4. Tell me about it, I so wish I could find a bookish job. Or in fact any job I could actually do would be nice! Here's hoping!

  5. Great post! I'm a children's librarian (which really means I'm a youth services librarian, as I focus on teens and kids), and I love it. It is the best job in the world.

  6. I'd love to work in a library or bookselling. My inability to write sadly renders any ideas of being an author out of the question!

    Brilliant post as always! :)

  7. I'd love to be a secondary school librarian. Or to work in publishing. I think that would be really great. I'm kind of a perpetual student at the moment though... I've been studying for a degree for nearly 10 years. And I just thought the other day that it might be fun to do another one afterwards? We'll see :)


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