Saturday 19 April 2014

UKYA Day: Why I Love UKYA

There are many reasons why UKYA is the best thing ever. And in honour of the Project UKYA April Extravaganza held by Lucy, here are my top reasons why UKYA is awesome:

- The community we’re a part of is incredible. The support, enthusiasm, and friendship between readers, bloggers, publishers and authors aren’t one I’ve noticed in any other book-fandom-type-place.

- The authors of UKYA aren’t afraid to tackle anything and everything they feel they need to.

- UKYA has the freshest, quirkiest and strongest humour of them all.

- We aren’t afraid to champion UKYA to the death!

Make sure to take part in the upcoming UKYA chats, check out the Project UKYA blog and keep involved with community!


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