Friday, 20 March 2015

Under My Skin, James Dawson

Pages: 302
Publisher: Hot Key Books
Release Date: 5th March 2015
Edition: UK paperback, review copy

Other Titles by this Author: Hollow Pike, Cruel Summer, Being a Boy, Say Her Name, This Book is Gay

‘Who’s she?’
‘That’s Molly-Sue. And she’s trouble.’

When Sally Feather walks into a tattoo parlour, she is walking into more trouble than she can imagine.

Molly-Sue offers Sally everything her heart desires – popularity, beauty, the most gorgeous guy in school – but at a very, very high price.

Because there are some things that really do get under your skin. And some that you would do anything – absolutely anything – to be rid of.

A darkly seductive and terrifying tale from Queen of Teen James Dawson.

Under My Skin was my introduction to James Dawson and what a way to start! Creepy, fun and addictive – I loved it.

Within a few pages I could see why James Dawson has already garnered a dedicated following and been crowned the Queen of Teen. He understands teenagers and the way they think; the insecurities, worries and fears and how they speak and interact with each other. It’d spot on and I believed in Sally, Stan and Jennie. They juggled difficult issues with everyday life and being part of a dedicated fandom with the same mixed reactions of teens I know now and what I remember from being 17.

Sally had it particularly tough. Shy and retiring to everyone at school but loud and confident with her friends, she was what I would call a genuine shy girl with self-doubt. Though she struggled to reconcile the two parts of herself, mostly due to the tight control of her parents. They infuriated me. The way they judged every word, every movement she made and jumped to the most extreme conclusions; they refused to let Sally be Sally.

Then came Molly Sue. What an incredible premise: the spirit of a tattoo coming to life and helping to change the path of the host forever. It’s a brilliant extension of the idea of a tattoo giving you something to draw strength from something you carry with you all the time. I have to admit that before Molly Sue started to really get her claws into Sally, it made me crave getting another tattoo so badly! And now I’m thinking that I my wait a little longer, because you know, danger.

Under My Skin is deliciously dark, twisty and fun and it blurs the lines of good, evil and the grey areas in between. I can’t wait to dig into more of James Dawson’s backlist.

Thanks to Hot Key for the review copy.


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