Thursday, 5 March 2015

Favourites: February 2015

Graphic novels
I’ve fallen in love. In my quest to complete the Pop Sugar Reading Challenge, I had to find a graphic novel. Saga is one that I had been hearing about from booktubers for a while and it kept popping up in top tens and favourites videos and now I know why! I devoured the whole series and then went on to buy another seven graphic novels to try. I love that I know nothing about this area of literature. I walked into Forbidden Planet and just devoured the titles without knowledge, prejudice, or a wishlist; something I haven’t experienced in a bookshop for a very long time.

From my 21st - Jess, Nicole and me

Seeing Nicole
One of my favourite people that I went to secondary school with moved to Wales with her boyfriend after uni. And Wales is REALLY FAR AWAY. Until last week, I couldn’t even remember the last time I got to see her so even though we only had about an hour or so to catch up, it was lovely. It’s so nice when you can fall instantly and effortlessly back into the same comfortable friendship, even after such a long time.

Valentine’s trip to London
Me and my bff always do something together around Valentine’s Day. This year, both being single and the fated day falling on a Saturday, she came to stay for the weekend and we went to London! We battled the tourists in M&M World, spoiled ourselves in Forbidden Planet, had a huge meal in Wagamamas and a spot of cake in Patisserie Valerie. A pretty perfect Valentine’s really.

Pretty Little Liars
Now, I started watching this show about three? four? days before the end of February and it's already in my monthly favourites. That says it all, folks! Addictive, occasionally cringeworthy and full of beautiful people *coughEzracough* - it's a winner. And I've also read the first six books so it's interesting to see what they adapt, remove, stretch out etc. Bring on more PLL!


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