Friday 9 May 2014

Raging Star, Moira Young

Pages: 344
Publisher: Marion Lloyd Books
Release Date: 1st May 2014
Edition: UK paperback, review copy

Other Titles in this Series: Blood Red Road, Rebel Heart

It’s Saba’s final fight.

Saba must seize her destiny and win freedom for the Dustlands. But DeMalo is strong. Her camp is weak. Loyalties falter, resentments brood and treachery bides its time. One dangerous secret could destroy her and Jack. One wrong move could destroy them all. As a fatal Blood Moon approaches, how can she succeed with the odds overwhelmingly against her?

The first two books in this trilogy were incredible and I was scared, and sad, to finish it. What if Raging Star didn’t finish Saba’s journey right? Don’t fear. It totally did.

When I finally started this I have to admit that I remembered very little of what happened in Rebel Heart. I was worried that it may ruin the enjoyment of it, that nothing would come back to me, that I’d feel a disconnect with Saba and the gang. Once again, I was worried for nothing. Young subtly and briefly recaps the major events in the previous instalment of the series so that I knew where I was and could dive straight back in.

I’d forgotten how powerful the dialect in the Dustlands trilogy is. The pace and the rhythm of the short, snappy sentences and unique dialect make the story sing. It was surprisingly easy to slip back into. It somehow enhances the emotions of the story; Saba’s descriptions of her desire and love for Jack were visceral and so alive, her need to protect the Hawks made my heart ache and her desperation to bring down New Eden before the Blood Moon practically had me chewing off my fingernails. Being able to write in a dialect so strongly, so powerfully and so effectively is incredible and I applaud Young for it.

After the severe lack of Jack in Rebel Heart, I was very pleased to see him have an integral part in Raging Star. But it was tough for him and Saba. They are so evenly matched; they don’t take each other’s bullshit, they make an excellent team and they understand each other, but Saba had a secret that could ruin everything. Keeping that secret started to crack them from early on in the novel and I was just so scared for them! And yet I still had faith that they’d be okay.

Raging Star is a pitch-perfect ending to an incredible trilogy. I’m sad to see it end, but very excited to see what Moira Young blows my mind with next.



  1. I only skimmed this review because I haven't read any of this series but I'm so glad it was a fitting end and you enjoyed it. There's nothing better than a good book!

  2. I adored this, a very good conclusion to Saba's story. And I also loved Jack's involvement in this one, always happy to see more Jack :)


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