Thursday 8 May 2014

My Favourite #BookishBrits

The lovely Michelle of Fluttering Butterflies started something lovely on Twitter on Monday – she started naming her favourite #BookishBrits, whether they were bloggers, readers, tweeters, authors and publishers and people started joining in. I decided I had to give it a bit of thought and ended up with a quite a few tweets worth of people, so here are my favourite #BookishBrits:

We’re very proud of our UKYA authors in the blogosphere so it’s no surprise that I have a huge list of favourite #BookishBrits authors, for both their books and themselves.

I love: Luisa Plaja, Keris Stainton, CJ Skuse, Emma Pass, CJ Flood, Liz de Jager, Non Pratt, Sarra Manning, CJ Harper, Cat Clarke, Karen Saunders, Paige Toon, Laura Dockrill, TS Easton, Eve Edwards, Tanya Byrne, Lucy Christopher, Rachel Ward, Michelle Harrison.

These guys aren’t just my fellow bloggers, they’re my friends and there are quite a few of them that I’ve travelled this journey with from the beginning, or at least from very early on. The UKYA-ers are an amazing support network and I feel weird if I don;t get to chat with them on Twitter at least once a day.

I love: Anya (An Awful Lot of Reading), Andrew (The Pewter Wolf), Carly (Writing from the Tub), Jenny (Wondrous Reads), Lucy (Queen of Contemporary/Project UKYA), Amber (The Mile-Long Bookshelf), Rhys (Thirst for Fiction), Bella (Cheezyfeet Books), Iffath (Painting with Words), Jim (YAYeahYeah), Cait (The Cait Files), Debbie (Snuggling on the Sofa), Michelle (Fluttering Butterflies), Jesse (Books4Teens), Raimy (Readaraptor), Laura (Sister Spooky), Kirsty (The Overflowing Library), becky (The Bookette), Caroline (Portrait fo a Woman), Jo (Once Upon a Bookcase), Sarah (Feeling Fictional), Lynsey (Narratively Speaking), Faye (A Daydreamer’s Thoughts), M (We Sat Down) and Little M, Sammee (I Want to Read That), Viv (Serendipity Reviews), Emma (Book Angel Booktopia), Cicely (Cicely loves Books)

These guys fuel our love for books, provide us with up to date news and cause many happy dances when their packages come through the letterbox. It’s lovely to be able to call lots of them friends after all these years.

I love: Kat McKenna, Sam Eades, Nina Douglas, Emma Bradshaw, Becky Peacock, Hannah Love, Ben Willis, Lauren Ace, Rosi Crawley, Catherine Alport, Catherine Ward, Cait Lomas, Tina Waller (I know she’s left, but she deserves a mention nonetheless!), Harriet Venn, Lauren Hyett, Lauren Buckland

Other Bookish People
Twitter is a fantastic place to chat to get to know people who love the same things that you do so there are also some #BookishBrits not to do with the blogosphere that I love chatting to.

I love: Kate Maudsley (ex-classmate, au pair rediscovering YA), Kate Lock (bookseller extraordinaire), Stevie Finnegan (booktuber over at Sable Caught – I could watch her videos all day), Waterstone’s Oxford St Twitter account (absolutely brilliant tweets from a very funny and unique team)

So there you have it, my favourite #BookishBrits. I hope you’ve found lots of new bloggers and readers to check out and say hi to!



  1. Thanks Sophie. You're one of my favourites too!

  2. It is pathetic that I love that I'm first! Besides, it's all your fault I'm in this blogging thing anyway. And I'm sure Kate loves the mention, she's a faster reader than us at the moment!

  3. I completely missed this #BookishBrits I love you too xxx THANK YOU


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