Thursday 19 September 2013

My Bath Children's Literature Festival Picks

2013 has been a sad year for me. Not only did I finish university, I had to leave my adopted city of the beautiful Bath. That also meant that I don’t get to go to any events of the absolutely amazing Bath Children’s Literature Festival. When the catalogue of events when live I cried a little because of how amazing the line-up is, especially as last year wasn’t as good as it had been the previous two years.

So as I can’t go, I’m going to tell you which events you should go to on my behalf.

Sunday 29th September

David Levithan
5:30pm, Mission Theatre, C25

David Levithan is over here for a few events to talk about his amazing new book, Every Day. If I was back in Bath, I’d be there like a shot. Luckily he’s doing an event in London a few days after this which I have a ticket for!

Monday 30th September

Geekathon with Holly Smale and Andy Robb
7:30pm, Guildhall, D8

I’ve only read Geek Girl out of these two, but it was enough for me to be dying to met Holly and hear her speak. I’d probably end up walking away with a copy of Geekhood as well...

Tuesday 1st October

Meg Rosoff and Anthony McGowan
6pm, Guildhall, E4

I met Meg Rosoff at the festival in 2010 when she was on a panel with Melvin Burgess and David Almond; I can honestly say it was one of the best events I’ve ever been too. Meg is as wonderfully sharp, intelligent and engaging as her novels. I’d be at this event hours early in excitement.

Thursday 3rd October

The Dinosaur That Pooped a Planet with Tom Fletcher and Dougie Poynter
5pm, Guildhall

I love me some McFly and even though I haven’t read either of their picture books, I’d jump at the chance to meet these lovely, lovely boys and get their books signed. I hink they’d be awkwardly hilarious.

Tanya Byrne: Follow Me Down
7:30pm, Guildhall, G7

I’m a huge fan of Tanya Byrne’s novels and the lovely lady herself. I’m jump at the chance to see her in conversation with Steve Voake, author and my old creative writing teacher, and get to meet her.

Saturday 5th October

E-writing with Siobhan Curham
2:30pm, Holburne Museum, J17

I think this would be a fantastic and really useful workshop to go to. And I’d love to meet Siobhan as well!

David Almond on Skellig
1pm, Mission Theatre, K10

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the wonderful Skellig, David Almond is discussing the novel. I’ve been to one of his events in the past and had a seminar taught by him in my final year and he’s a fantastic speaker. I’d be there in a heartbeat.

Crown of Midnight
4pm, Mission Theatre, K21

Sarah J Maas’s series has fast become a favourite of mine so I’d love to meet the woman herself and hear her talk about the series on her first visit to the UK. I do believe Sarah’s doing a few other events while she’s over here so I’m definitely going to do my best to get to one!

More Than This with Patrick Ness
6pm, Guildhall, K23

Though I’m yet to read one of Patrick Ness’ novels (I know, I’m shameful) I’d love to hear him talk and get my books signed – I do have a few! He’s a fascinating man and you guys must love him for a reason!

A few more highlights: Cressida Cowell, Charlie Higson, John Boyne, Cathy Cassidy, Malorie Blackman and Eoin Colfer.

Here’s the full programme.

What events would/are you going to?



  1. Its awesome you're coming to David Levithans event in London- can't wait to meet you! There are so many good events I wish I could go to them all :-( In a perfect world!

  2. Yay for David Levithan event in London! :D
    Agreeing with Debbie, there are so many great events on that I wish I could go to!
    I'm only going to Sarah J Maas and Patrick Ness but all the ones you highlighted sound fabulous as well but too expensive to get too - especially with work!

    Great post :D

  3. Aww. I really wanted to go this year. There was one particular day, Sunday, I think in which there were all kinds of events I wanted to go (including Patrick Ness) but it just didn't work out :( Next time, maybe... *sniffs*

  4. I'm going to the Geekathon one! Because, like you, read Geek Girl and loved it! I will mentally send you book love while I'm there :)

  5. Brilliant post! Oh, I wish I could go... I was there last year! Sigh. :)

  6. It really is an amazing line up this year ... I'm going to the Geekathon one and one other. I'll try and open a psychic link for you ;)

  7. I really wish you could be there, Sophie! I'm lucky in that I live near but I get jealous of all the events going on near London. This will be my first year at Bath Kids Lit Fest and I'm really looking forward to it.

    So sad it's too far away from you now! :(


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