Thursday 5 September 2013

Book Quiz!

I have something a little different for you today: a YA book quiz!

Underneath, there are eight questions about anything to do with YA novels. Once you’ve answered the questions, send me an email at with your answers and the subject title ‘Book Quiz’. The first person to get the most questions right will win a little prize! I will stop counting emails sent after 5pm on Friday.

Please don’t Google/look up the answers – it’s just a little something for fun and the prize really will only be something small and fun.

Let the Games begin!

1. In Lucy Christopher’s Stolen, where does Ty take Gemma when he kidnaps her from the airport?

2. Name the six members of the Ace Gang (Confessions of Georgia Nicolson).

3. Why was How I Live Now’s Daisy sent from New York to England?

4. Where was Celaena rescued from at the beginning of Throne of Glass?

5. What are the two fictional towns used by Sarah Dessen in her books?

6. When is Ruta Sepetys’ latest, Out of the Easy, set?

7. What does Harry give Ron after he accidentally drinks poisoned meade in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince?

8. What’s the name of Princess Mia’s cat? (The Princess Diaries)

Good luck! And remember, don't cheat!


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  1. I can only answer one of these questions! Very depressing. Cool idea though, you should definitely make it into a feature :-)


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