Thursday 9 July 2015

Favourites: June 2015

The other week, I was browsing Twitter in the evening while on holiday and came across a few friends saying they had managed to snag tickets for something called #AskPaperTowns. After a quick Google I discovered that it was a Q&A with John Green that was going to be hosted in Leicester Square for the press tour for the Paper Towns movie. I was luckily enough to grab two of the first-come-first-served tickets for me and my little sister.

To my utter delight, when we were queueing we discovered that the Q&A would be hosted by YouTubers Dan and Phil whom we both love. We got a sneak peek at 20 minutes of the film (it looks amazing – I can’t wait to see the full thing!) and then there were surprise appearances from Nat Wolff and Cara Delevingne who play Q and Margo in the adaptation. It was easily one of the best events I’ve been to in a really long time – a wonderful evening.

Orange is the New Black season 3
Finally, OIITNB came back! Man, I love this show. I tried really hard not to binge it and made it last for about four sittings which I thought was pretty impressive. I loved that we got to see backstory for more of the minor characters and ones that we’d only seen brief glimpses of in previous episodes, particularly Pennastucky, and Piper got a brought down to earth a little. Another fab season and I’m already anxiously awaiting news of season four!

A week in Crete
In the middle of the month I jetted off for a week on Crete with one of my friends. She has two sets of aunts and uncles who live out there and one of them let us have their apartment for a week – not an offer we could refuse! It was lovely. We chilled on the beach, played in the pool like five year olds, discovered raki, walked a gorge, saw some ruins and even got a bit of a tan!

Last Saturday I was invited up to Walker Books where we heard about all of their upcoming releases, got to hear readings from the three lovely attending authors – Katie Everson (Drop), Lauren James (The Next Together) and Zoe Marriott (Frail Human Heart) – be taken through the design process for the covers, ask some questions and get the chance to mingle and chat with the authors, publishers and other bloggers and booktubers. The perfect way to spend a Saturday morning, even if I did have to get up at the crack of dawn…

I got to go to an author event at Bloomsbury with Sarah Crossan (The Weight of Water, Breathe, One) and Jenny McLachlan (Flirty Dancing, Love Bomb) where the lovely Daphne of Winged Reviews moderated a chat about friendship, family and first love. We had a chance to mingle in the conservatory area of the Bloomsbury offices before and after listening to the authors talk and get to ask them questions ourselves. There were books to grab, goodie bags (above), delicious sweet treats and a chance to get our books signed.

Did you do anything exciting in June?


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