Wednesday 8 July 2015

Blog Tour: Did I Mention I Love You?, Estelle Maskame

Pages: 422
Publisher: Black and White Publishing
Release Date: 1st July 2015
Edition: UK proof, review copy

When sixteen-year-old Eden Munro agrees to spend the summer with her estranged father in the beachfront city of Santa Monica, California, she has no idea what she’s letting herself in for. Eden’s parents are divorced and now her father has a brand new family. For Eden, this means she’s about to meet three new stepbrothers.

The eldest is Tyler Bruce, a troubled teenager with a short temper and a huge ego: Eden’s complete polar opposite. Eden quickly finds herself thrust into a world full of new experiences as Tyler’s group of friends takes her under their wing. But the one thing she can’t understand is Tyler, and the more she tries to figure him out, the more she finds herself falling for the one person she shouldn’t – her stepbrother.

Throw in Tyler’s clingy girlfriend and a guy who has his eyes set on Eden, and there are secrets, lies and a whole lot of drama. But how can Eden keep her feelings under control? And can she ever work out the truth about Tyler?

I love it when I unexpectedly fall in love with a book, especially one that I haven’t seen too much around the blogosphere, and that was the case with Did I Mention I Love You? - I devoured it.

It’s the beginning of summer and Eden is thrown right into the deep end. She hasn’t seen her dad in three years and now she’s 900 miles away from home and spending the summer with her dad in Santa Monica and she suddenly has a stepmom and three stepbrothers. But it’s not quite a happy household. Tyler is a bit of a handful. He’s seventeen and lives his life on his own terms: staying out all night, partying hard, ignoring everything his mum and Eden’s dad say and has a serious attitude. Add that to Eden’s struggle to get her dad to connect with her after all this time and there’s a boatload of tension!

I always love reading about complicated and emotionally fraught family dynamics and this hit the spot. It was amped up to 11 once Eden and Tyler started battling their feelings for each other. The sexual tension between them was intense. I did find Tyler’s sudden 360 in his approach to Eden a little startling, but luckily it all evened out as Eden got closer to him and learned more about him. It was clearly building to a huge secret about Tyler and I definitely couldn’t have guessed what it was! I actually really liked how we left their relationship; it was a really mature decision and not one you see often in the genre. I was so eager to see how it all played out that I was up until nearly 2am reading – highly addictive stuff.

As Tyler and Eden’s relationship changed, so did their connections with Eden’s dad and Tyler’s mum. It can’t have been an easy situation for any of them and I really enjoyed seeing Eden finally taking the time to attempt to get to know her stepmom a little better. But her dad was still pretty lame. It was kind of heartbreaking and I totally understood how Eden felt about her dad as I have one very like him. I wish we had got to see more of Eden and Tyler with Jamie and Chase (the younger brothers) as they were really cute and I especially loved the scenes where Jamie was involved – he’s hilarious. Okay, I’m rambling a little now so I’m going to stop, but basically super fun, some serious tension and ridiculously addictive.

I couldn’t believe how much I fell for Eden and Tyler. I’m now counting down the days until book two. Bring on Did I Mention I Need You?!

Thanks to Black and White for the review copy.

As part of the blog tour, I also have a playlist that Estelle made for the book! Enjoy :)

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