Sunday 31 May 2015

Letterbox Love #91

Letterbox Love is a way to show you all of the lovely, lovely books I’ve gotten in the post, bought and everything else over the last week. Summaries are taken from the cover, or Amazon/NetGalley/Goodreads in the case of e-books, unless otherwise stated. Hosted by Narratively Speaking.

For review:

This Raging Light, Estelle Laure (e-proof)

How is it that you can suddenly notice a person? How is it that one day Digby was my best friend’s admittedly cute twin brother, and then the next he stole air, gave jitters, twisted my insides up?

Lucille has bigger problems than falling for her best friend’s unavailable brother. Her mom has gone, leaving her to look after her sister, Wren. With bills mounting up and appearances to keep, Lucille is raging against her life but holding it together – just.

A stunning debut to devour in one sitting, Laure completely captures the agony and ecstasy of first love.

I can’t wait for this – it sounds right up my street! Not released until just before Christmas, though, so it’ll be a while before you hear anything about it on here. Thanks HMH and NetGalley!

The Baby, Lisa Drakeford (paperback)

It’s Olivia’s seventeenth birthday party. The last thing she expects to see when she stumbles into the bathroom is her best mate Nicola giving birth on the floor. How could she, when Nicola had no idea this was coming either? She’s so not ready to be a mum, and she needs Olivia’s help. But Olivia has her own prblems – a controlling boyfriend, Jonty, and lonely little sister, Alice, for starters. And then there’s their friend Ben, with secrets of his own.

The party to end all parties has started something epic…

This sounds amazing! Thanks Riot Communications and Chicken House!

Night School: Endgame, CJ Daugherty (paperback)

In the last year, Allie ahs survived three arrests, two breakups and one family breakdown. The only bright point has been her new life at Cimmeria Academy. It’s the one place she’s felt she belgons. And the fact that it’s brought the dreamy Carter West into her life hasn’t hurt…

But far from being a safe haven, the cloistered walls of Cimmeria are proving more dangerous than Allie could ever have imagined. The students and faculty are under threat, and Allie’s family – from her mysterious grandma to her runaway brother – are at the centre of the storm.

Allie is going to have to choose between protecting her family and trusting her friends. But secrets have a way of ripping even the strongest relationships apart…

I actually haven’t read any of this series, but I know loads of people love it. Thanks Atom!


21 Stolen Kisses, Lauren Blakely (ebook)

When I first met him I resisted.
Like any forbidden love, I told myself he was a crush, and it would pass.
That was a lie. It never faded.

And I never expected he would fall for me just as hard.

There were so many reasons that should have kept us apart, least of all, the decade that separated us. Growing up in New York City I learned early on that love is a double-edged sword. Love broke up my parents, love took away my friends, and love – the big, intense, never-been-like-this-before love – landed me in therapy. Now I’m heading to college, and it’s time to give love a clean slate again. But, can I still really start over when he’s still in my life. Because the one man I’ve always wanted, is the only guy I absolutely can’t have… And he wants me just as fiercely.

Can I settle for anything less than the love of my life?

I’m pretty sure this is a student/teacher relationship which I love so yay! And Bloomsbury Spark books are also quick and fun.



  1. You have Endgame?! So jealous! And I'm tempted to beg someone for The Baby, it sounds so damn cute!

  2. The Baby looks so good! Enjoy your new books :)
    Michelle @ The Unfinished Bookshelf

  3. This Raging Light looks so good. I hope you love all your new books.

    Grace @ Books of Love

  4. Great haul this week, Sophie! I am so excited for This Raging Light! An 21 Stolen Kisses sounds really intriguing. I received The Baby too, last week I think. I'm hoping it's good, but I find Chicken House's books are a bit hit and miss for me, so I'm a little wary. Happy reading!


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