Thursday, 7 May 2015

Favourites: April 2015

I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson
Now, I don’t normally include books in these posts but this book is truly special. I loved it completely and I’ll be forcing it on everyone that I can. So beautiful. The language, the art, the imagery, the relationships – every element of this novel is stunningly beautiful.

Hot Key Books/Piccadilly Press Blogger Brunch
On Saturday 18th I was invited to go to the HKB Blogger Brunch and it was such a fantastic event. A wonderful presentation with enthusiastic publishers, mounds of wonderful books, an excellent tote bag and the perfect opportunity to catch-up with my blogging buddies. I posted a full write-up the other week.

Sara coming to visit!
My best friend came down to see me! It’d been over two months since we’d seen each other so there was quite a lot of excitement! We had a delicious dinner in Prezzo and (too many) drinks in the pub after with some other friends. Journeyed to London and visited the Science Museum, Waterstone’s Piccadilly and Whole Foods (Sara is now a vegetarian and I discovered Whole Foods in NYC and knew she’d love it!). Then we had a movie marathon on Sunday – a successful weekend!

How was your April?


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  1. You are my favourite every month! I had such a lovely time and wish to repeat it very soon! x


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