Friday, 8 May 2015

Blog Tour: Would You Rather? with Sarah J Maas!

I’m extremely lucky be on the blog tour for Sarah J Maas’ A Court of Thorns and Roses and have a game of Would You Rather? with Sarah! I threw some challenging ones at her…

Would you rather: live in Celaena’s or Feyre’s world? Why?

Jesus. This question.
I’m gonna say Celaena’s, if only so I can get all three Wyrdkeys, open a portal, and go to Feyre’s world whenever I want. (Cheating, I know, but I can’t decide!)

Would you rather: be only a writer or only a reader? Why?

This is also an impossible question. Being a writer is tied to who I am as a person, but I only got into writing because I’m a reader. But…I think I’d pick writing. It’s literally a part of my soul.

Would you rather: only re-read old books or only read new releases? Why?

You are KILLING ME with these questions! I think I’ll take read new releases – if only so I don’t get sick of the ones I do have. Though every book I love leaves a hole in my heart, so I don’t know if I could endure reading a new book and never being able to read it again!

Would you rather: be able to fly or have super-strength?

Flying. Definitely. I have a massive fear of flying in airplanes, so being able to fly would solve a lot of my problems.

Would you rather: live without music or live without TV?

TV. I’m sorry, television – you know I love you, but…I think I’d go insane without music. It inspires all my story ideas, makes me feel better on crappy days, and helps me celebrate on the good ones. Like writing, it’s part of my soul.

Thank you so much, Sarah! This was a really fun post to write and read.

Be sure to check out the rest of the stops on the tour and pick up a copy of the wonderful A Court of Thorns and Roses which came out yesterday from Bloomsbury!

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And if all that Sarah J Maas isn’t good enough for you, have an extract too!


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  1. I JUST GOT ACOTAR. It's my first SJM read, so it's lovely to learn more about the author just as I'm starting ACOTAR. And I agree with SJM, these questions are really hard. My answers are literally all the same as SJM's though :D


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