Saturday 1 February 2014

Signature of a Reader

If you read enough, you develop some quirks and reading rules. A signature, if you will. Here are some of mine:

- Bend the spine and you die. I bend the spine and I die.

- They must always look as if I just slid them off the shelf in Foyles.

- A selection of an author’s books must be in publication order, except when it comes to series’ that are published in a strange order – the series must always be together.

- I cannot put a book down mid-chapter unless I really, completely, absolutely have too.

- I love reading on trains and in bed, usually late into the night.

What are your reading signatures? Do you share any of mine?



  1. I share all of yours except for train reading (I get travel sick). Sounds must NEVER be bent and I have to use a bookmark at all times. Folding page corners is the devil's work!

  2. And obviously 'sounds' should be spines ;)

  3. It infuriates me no end to see people bend the spine back! I also agree with reading on trains and no stopping mid-chapter :)

  4. Yes! At school when I have to write in books (which I LOATHE doing but I have to) I have to bend the spines and it kills me every time :( My bookshelves are all in alphabetical order by author's surname and just like you if they have multiple series, I always order them by the publication of the first book in each series - muddling up series is just plain wrong ;)

  5. I do every single one those things! Bending spines is a no go, I like them looking good, especially because I buy paperbacks. Keeping my series together is a must, and I'm in the midst of putting all my books by one author together, and I never leave mid chapter unless it's important; I always wait 'til the next chapter. These are great :)

  6. I do many of these! I can't stand bent-up spines, I need my books to be in beautiful condition, and publication order must happen on my shelf. I usually stop at a chapter, but it isn't really a huge deal to me if I don't as long as I don't have to put the book down mid-action. I used to read in bed before my cat became a bed-hog, so now I stick to the couch or outdoors if it's nice outside. Unfortunately, I can't read in moving vehicles, otherwise I'd get sick.

    But I also try to grab a bookmark that matches the cover of the book I'm reading. :D

  7. Finally! I found someone like me! (Well, almost.) I'm fine with stopping mid-chapter but if anyone, and I mean ANYONE (which includes family and BFFs) bends the spine which is not easily bent or dog-ears a page I go into a murderous rage. Then breakdown and cry.

    P,S. There is no place more comfortable to read than on my bed or a comfy armchair.

  8. It looks like I'm the only one who doesn't mind the spine getting bent! I do try not to bend it much but I don't get stressed over it. Bending the pages on the other hand is a complete no go! If you don't have a bookmark to hand you can at least use a scrap of paper to hold your place LOL.

    I hate stopping mid chapter too, it can be hard enough to put a book down at any time but at least the chapter end is a reasonable place to stop.

    And of course books have to be organised in series order. I shelve my books by author surname & then either in series order or alphabetically for stand alone books.

  9. I don't mind the spine being slightly bent - I just don't want it broken.

    All series books have to be together once I've read them - though this doesn't apply to the books waiting to be read.

    I love reading on public transport.

    And I too hate stopping mid-chapter!


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