Tuesday 11 February 2014

Bite Size Books (13) Johnny's Girl, Seeking Her and What to Buy the Shadowhunter Who Has Everything

Johnny’s Girl, Paige Toon

Pages: 100
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Release Date: 7th November 2013
Series: Johnny Be Good #2.5

Meg’s life has taken a turn for the perfect. She is the envy of millions with her drop dead gorgeous husband, their two beautiful sons and her new mansion in Henley. Her celebrity PA days are over. But desperate to keep up with her rock star husband, Johnny Jefferson, she uproots her perfect family and moves back to LA.

Meg has to learn to live with her new celebrity status and the insecurities of her old life, which keep reappearing. Under the paparazzi flash of an A-list party, complete with red carpet, champagne and canapés, Johnny’s rock star past catches up with him and Meg’s worst nightmare becomes a reality...

I love Paige Toon and I love Meg and Johnny so Johnny’s Girl was always going to be a sure-fire winner.

It was so, so nice to see a more secure and mature Meg is now that she’s settled into life with Johnny, Barney and Phoenix, though I’m glad that Johnny and Meg still have their fire and sparkle. They’re so sickeningly happy that I want to cry a little bit – they more than deserve it. And then they’re thrown a curve ball – Johnny has a daughter!

Seeing the fallout from their side was interesting and it made me love Meg and Johnny even more. I thought Jessie’s entrance and Meg’s reaction to it was perfect. My first thought was that Jessie was going to be trouble, just like her dad. Now I’ve read The Accidental Life of Jessie Jefferson, I know I was both completely right and completely right.

I really will read everything this woman writes, especially when Meg and Johnny are involved. More please!

Seeking Her, Cora Carmack

Pages: 106
Publisher: Ebury Digital
Release Date: 30th January 2013
Series:  Losing It #3.5

Jackson Hunt hasn’t been out of the military for long, but he needs to get a job and find a sense of normalcy if he is going to keep his own demons at bay.

Bodyguard (and babysitter) to spoiled rich-girl Kelsey Summers isn’t exactly what he’d been looking for, but it’s a chance to travel, to get away. The catch: Kelsey’s father doesn’t want Kelsey to know she’s being followed.

She’s vibrant and infuriating, exciting and reckless, mysterious and familiar – and she’s falling into the same patterns he suffered years ago.  Jackson vows to help her, which is more difficult than he thought, especially because the more he knows her, the more he wants her...


The Bane Chronicles 8: What to Get the Shadowhunter Who Has Everything (and Who You’re Not Officially Dating Anyway), Cassandra Clare and Sarah Rees Brennan

Pages: 80
Publisher: Walker
Release Date: 19th November 2013
Series: The Bane Chronicles #8

Set in the time between City of Ashes and City of Glass, warlock Magnus Bane is determined to find the best birthday present possible for Alec Lightwood, the Shadowhunter who he may or may not be dating. And he’s also got to deal with demon he’s conjured up for a very irritating client...

The eighth instalment of The Bane Chronicles takes us into the time of TMI and reflects on Magnus’ first meeting with Alec and Jace. I loved seeing flighty but intense Magnus fall for someone so unexpectedly and so gently. It made my heart smile; especially as he contrasted it with the stinging memories of Will that Jace brought him. Then came his protective feelings over Clary that grew as he covered her memories over the years. Cassandra Clare even threw in a snippet about Tessa’s whereabouts between City of Ashes and City of Glass. It’s so cool to have the link between all three series.

I do love this series – it’s so nice to see all of these stories and characters through Magnus’ old, unique eyes.


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