Thursday 12 December 2013

Christmas Literary Gift Guide: Part Two

Welcome to Part Two of my Christmas Book Gift Guide! Today I’m very fortunate to have recommendations from some of my favourite publicists. They’ve picked one (mostly. Oh, Nina...) book published by their house in 2013 they love the most/would recommend the most.

Let the recommendations commence!

Emma from Bloomsbury

“I think I would have to say TIME FOR BED, FRED! by YASMEEN ISHMAIL. This is Yasmeen’s debut picture book and it’s just stunning. If I had the space in my flat I would frame every page and hang them on my walls. I’m very excited that it’s just been nominated for the Kate Greenaway Medal. Yasmeen is incredibly talented and I’m thrilled that we have another book coming with her next year. Definitely someone to watch. This book would make a brilliant gift for any pre-school age child or dog-lover!”

Lauren from Random House

“I’d recommend MALORIE BLACKMAN’S NOBLE CONFLICT – for me this book has it all, action, mystery, a hint of romance and a great plot twist. This is classic Malorie Blackman and I dare any fan of YA – male or female – not to love it! Malorie has a great skill of combining strong themes such as love, violence and betrayal that make the book unputdownable – but at the same time makes the reader take a step back and think about the society they live in.

Tina from Chicken House

“Mine would be for younger readers. Most people know Chicken House for some of their host of teen titles. But this year, my stocking-filler of choice would be the brilliant THE EXTINCTS by VERONICA COSSANTELLI. It’s funny (and I mean snort-tea—through-your-nose-funny) and sweet and crazy  and perfect for kids from around 7 years and up.

Personally, I think this is the kind of book that would turn most kids into voracious readers.”

Nina from Orion

“Suggesting one book from our list is like being asked to choose between children – a tricky process at best! So I’m going to recommend a book that will make a beautiful present, is just out now and is highly deserving of the brilliant praise already flooding in. That book? TINDER by SALLY GARDNER, and illustrated by David Roberts.

I first read Tinder on my Kindle app on my iPhone; I swiped the last page, sat for a few minutes taking it in and then selected beginning and started to read again. A tale with a timeless quality, a retelling of sorts, a dark fairy-tale in the best tradtion of Grimm (n.b. this is not for young children), and an allegory for post-traumatic stress in its inspiration form, and depiction of, a soldier in the aftermath of a battle. I immediately likened it to Angela Carter, Lewis Carroll and so many illustrious contemporary names, but it could only be written by Sally Gardner. But not only is this beautifully written, it is designed and breathtakingly illustrated by David Roberts, with an incredible dark palate of black, and white, and red... Buy it for someone for Christmas, but buy an extra for yourself too, you won’t want to give it away!

And a cheeky extra recommend? If you’re looking for a wintry read, look no further than dark, epic and totally wonderful GRISHA TRILOGY BY LEIGH BARDUGO in Shadow & Bone and Siege & Storm. Be transported to a world of darkness, magic, politics, intrigue and legend – and a Russian-inspired landscape that will have you reaching for furry hats, scarves and capes to keep warm. The perfect books to read as the dark days descend. (And of course the added bonus of having read the book now, ahead of the third book, Ruin & Rising, coming in June 2014, and the film in the works with Dreamworks!).”

I love hearing from the lovely ladies in publishing! Thank you for all your recommendations!



  1. Lol at Nina! Grisha Trilogy definitely deserves a mention though ;) Tinder is such a beautiful book...a perfect Christmas present

    I love this idea!

    Cait x

  2. Tinder looks like the perfect wintery read! And see publicists are also cheeky at picking more than one selection :P

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