Thursday 19 December 2013

Christmas Literary Gift Guide: Part Three

The third and final part of my Christmas Book Gift Guide is here! Today I have a selection of lovely YA bloggers recommending their top read of 2013. There are some good’uns!

HOW TO LOVE by KATIE COTUGNO – a touching and realistic love story about two teens, too young to know the truth of the world but thrust into it anyway. Originally and systematically written, you will fall in love with Reena and Sawyer’s love story.

DANGEROUS GIRLS by ABIGAIL HAAS – if you love thrillers or want to make a start on the genre, whichever, make sure you read this! Murder, tropical islands and psychopaths, what’s not to love?”

“My absolute favourite read of 2013 is THE BONE DRAGON by ALEXIA CASALE. I love the characters and the relationships within this book. I love the gorgeous writing style and the combination of realism and fantasy. I love this book so much because it’s the story of finding strength and hope after difficult times. The Bone Dragon is an emotional and intense read but it is also quietly unsettling, powerful and very beautiful.”

FANGIRL by RAINBOW ROWELL – I think that everyone should read this book, but especially fangirls everywhere. For those that hold onto a piece of their childhood, or those that have a safety blanket in book characters or music. Fangirl is made for you!

FAKING IT by CORA CARMACK – I would recommend this to people who are fearful or dubious about reading new adult books. Although it does have sexy scenes, it also made me laugh and I really fell in love with the characters. A fun but meaningful read.

BETWEEN THE LINES by JODI PICOULT and SAMANTHA VAN LEER – This is one of my underrated gems. I know a lot of people are put off because they don’t like Jodi’s other books, but this is completely different. A story where the characters come to life, pretty much all book lovers should read this. Like a fairy tale literally come to life, this book is truly beautiful.”

Cait from The Cait Files

“My very favourite book from 2013 is FANGIRL by RAINBOW ROWELL. It’s the only book I’ve ever finished and started reading again immediately. It’s funny and touching and riddled with real emotion and nostalgia and the fandom element really enhances the experience of reading it.”

It looks like there’s a clear winner for the 2013 book of year from the UKYA book bloggers – Fangirl! I completely understand where they’re coming from; it’s a gorgeous, gorgeous book and I loved it.

You may also notice how quite a few of them ignored my instruction of one book... So untrustworthy this lot.



  1. I think it was an unreasonable request - just one book indeed! But great recommendations, I can't wait to get my hands on Fangirl :D

  2. One book is too demanding! I really need to read How to Love now though!


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