Thursday, 18 July 2013

Blog Tours: Yay or Nay?

You may have noticed that I’ve had quite a few blog tours in recent weeks. Every time I agree to take part and schedule the posts, I wonder: are they worth it? I’m still undecided so I thought I’d put my argument to you guys and let you make my mind up for me. now, I present The Pros and The Cons of blog tours:

The Pros

  • I get to host contest from authors I might not get on the blog in any other way (eg Eoin Colfer, Sarah Dessen (still not over this, by the way), Moira Young)
  • Publicists are extremely clever and have some brilliant ideas for posts or tours that I’ve never think of in a million years. Do you guys remember the drawing we all did for Curtis Jobling’s debut, Wereworld: Rise of the Wolf? Brilliant.
  • I get a day off of blogging! Blog tours are (usually) a completely stress and effort free day for me. I like effortless things.

The Cons

  • Blog tour posts tend to garner the least views and comments of all of my features.
  • They can often mess with my schedule and I like my schedule.
  • I have very little control over the date and content. Sometimes they’re not worth the re-shuffling you have to do!
  • I hate saying no! I always feel really bad when I turn down a tour, especially if it’s someone I have a great relationship with.

Now, it looks like there are more cons to blog tours, but do the pros out-weigh them?

Do you like blog tours? Do you feel bad about turning them down? Who have you hosted on a blog tour that made you fangirl?



  1. I don't sign up for many blog tours but I do love the guest posts for them. They give new insight in the book and the author's writing that, like you said, you wouldn't otherwise get.

  2. I think if you actually like the book/author, then they are worth doing. It spotlights them to other readers, and hopefully gives them a little publicity too. Especially when they are big stars like your blog tour authors! If everyone on the tour is posting the same content it doesnt really leave much to comment or look at though.


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