Saturday 27 July 2013

Author Intervew: Katie McGarry

Please welcome the lovely Katie McGarry, author of Pushing the Limits and the recently released Dare You To, who kindly agreed to a quick fire interview!

1. Beth isn’t always the easiest character to like, but I still cared for and sympathised with her throughout. Was balancing her character difficult?
When writing Beth, I definitely had to be aware of balancing her character. She is definitely tough as nails, but she’s that way because she’s so broken inside. I wanted Beth to be authentic and because of that I had to do the correct balance of snark and then internal vulnerability.

2. I love that we got to hear from both Beth and Ryan in Dare You To and Noah and Echo in Pushing the Limits. What made you decide to write dual narrative novels?
There are two parties involved in a love story and I enjoy seeing how each character falls for the other!

3. Who would you pick to go on a date with: Noah, Ryan or Isaiah? Why?
Oh, that would be like asking which of my children I love more!

I love how smooth Noah is, Ryan makes me melt, and I have a huge crush on Isaiah!

Thanks Katie! If you haven’t checked out either of Katie's books, what are you waiting for?!


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  1. I loved Pushing the Limits and Dare You To. I couldn't choose between Ryan or Noah either, but I'm not too sure about Isaiah at the moment. Hopefully Crash Into You will change my mind!

    Great interview, Sophie!


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