Thursday, 16 May 2013

E- novellas: Pointless or Perfect?

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I’ve been quite against e-readers since they first came on the scene. I feel like I’m just throwing money in to the ether if I don't get something physical and, I just, it doesn’t sit right with me yet. I decided that I’d never buy myself a Kindle or a Kobo as I’d just have to buy myself a hardcopy of every book I bought in e-book form; I can’t leave a collection of an author’s books or a series hanging! It would defy the money and space problem that the e-reader would solve in the first place.

Then I started to notice an abundance of e-novellas and short stories being released by authors I love and from my favourite series’ that were only available electronically. I felt like I was seriously missing out. I was missing things that might add extra things to future novels, the chance to re-visit series’ that had finished and background to minor characters and I was not happy.

Then, through a very sad turn of events, I procured myself my Nan’s Kindle. Even then I left it on my bookshelf for weeks, even after my sister switched it to my account and whatnot, and didn’t even think about it. Then the first of The Bane Chronicles came out. I charged it up and bought my first e-book. Since then I’ve bought six more: Crossing the Line by Katie McGarry, Bridge by Jeri-Smith Ready, The Prince by Kiera Cass, One Perfect Christmas by Paige Toon, Glitches by Marissa Meyer, Diary of a Grace by Sarra Manning and Cupidity by Holly Hepburn. All of them are by authors I love or from series’ I’m invested in, and I have a list of about fifteen more that I need to get!

They are currently the only thing I use my e-reader for and I doubt I’ll move in to buying full novels in e-book form, but I’m loving these e-novellas.

A chance to read snapshots of story from minor characters, events from a different character’s perspective, mini-prequels and mini-sequels are just right for me at the moment. They fill in the gaps when I’m not quite ready to move on from my last novel to the next or if I finish my novel and I’m not yet ready to sleep. I think I’m kind of in love with them.

How do you feel about e-novellas? Love them? Think they’re pointless? Got any favourites? Ones you think I might like?

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  1. Perfect for me! Lately my reading time is cut short but I get fulfilled by a quick lunchtime read with a beginning, middle and end. I love novellas!

  2. I LOVE e-novellas! I feel a bit sad every time a book that I enjoy ends and I just end up craving for more- and enovellas usually satisfy my needs! Crossing the Limits was really good though and I wish that it was a full book.

    - Ellie at The Selkie Reads Stories

  3. I like having short stories and novellas on there, that's what I started with too. Now I have cheap ebooks and some odd books that don't have a series so they don't take up room on my shelves :)

  4. This is really interesting because I saw another discussion similar to this one that came down on the other side of this idea...but I agree with you! I LOVE e-novellas set in universes I am already familiar with. The Bane Chronicles is a prime example of an opportunity to learn more about a much loved secondary character. Double-Crossed was my absolute favourite one though; combining the worlds of Heist Society and The Gallagher Girls, something I really wanted to happen. So yeah, I am firmly in favour of them

    Cait x


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