Tuesday 24 May 2016

Litsy: Where books make friends

A few months ago, the ever-lovely Jim of YA Yeah Yeah tweeted about a cool new app called Litsy that he’d found. He said it was a cross between Goodreads and Instagram and my love for both of those social media sites meant I downloaded it immediately! I’ve been using it ever since.

So when I got an email from the lovely people at Litsy introducing me to the app and asking if I fancied sharing my thoughts on it, I obviously said yes! Here are some awesome things about Litsy:

  • You can review a book, add it to a ‘stack’ (read and to-read), add a picture, add an update and a quote – it really is a mishmash of Instagram and Goodreads!
  • You get Litfluence points for everything you add and every time someone interacts with your updates!
  • It’s ridiculously easy to use. It only took me minutes to figure it out, add a profile and upload a pic and mini-review of my first book!

  • It’s still a new app so it’s easy to get your pictures and reviews seen and interacted with! 
  • The reviews have a 300 character limit. I love the brevity of it and the pressure to make sure you only include your strongest feelings about a title.

  • Litsy has already got big book communities like Epic Reads, Strand Bookstore in NYC, Book Riot and US publishers on their feed. I really hope it’ll spread to the UK soon!
  • I also think their logo is really cute…

There’s only one thing left to say: follow me on Litsy! I’m SophieWaters. You can download it from the App Store!

Disclaimer: This wasn’t sponsored and I’m receiving nothing in exchange for this review. Just sharing a cool bookish app!


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