Thursday 5 May 2016

Favourites: April 2016

‘Raised by Wolves’

 I had no idea season 2 had even started until Keris Stainton mentioned it on Twitter. I then went on to binge the entire thing in one afternoon. Whoops.

‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’

 Oh man, I became OBSESSED with this show! Jake is adorable and hilarious and I genuinely snorted aloud multiple times. It’s so much fun and completely effortless to watch. I need season 3 on Netflix NOW.

Books With Bite Showcase

 I was invited by the lovely people at Hachette to go to the gorgeous Carmelite House to see all of their upcoming YA. It was a properly lovely evening and I did a full write up for Maximum Pop! Books.



  1. Hello, I just nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award!


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