Sunday 21 February 2016

Letterbox Love #122

Letterbox Love is a way to give all of the books I receive for review some exposure. Summaries are taken from the cover, or Amazon/NetGalley/Goodreads in the case of e-books, unless otherwise stated.

False Hearts, Laura Lam (e-proof)

One night Tila stumbles home, terrified and covered in blood. She's arrested for murder, the first by a civilian in a decade. The San Francisco police suspect involvement with Zeal, a powerful drug, and offer her twin sister Taema a chilling deal. Taema must assume Tila’s identity and gather information – then if she brings down the drug syndicate, the police may let her sister live. But Taema’s investigation raises ghosts from the twins’ past.

The sisters were raised in a cult, which banned modern medicine. But as conjoined twins, they needed surgery to divide their shared heart – and escaped. Taema discovers Tila was moulded by the cult and that it's linked to the city’s underground. Once unable to keep secrets, the sisters will discover the true cost of lives.

I love Laura Lam’s Micah Gray series so I’m so looking forward to this! Thanks NetGalley and Tor!

The Loneliness of Distant Beings, Kate Ling (e-proof)

It is that quick, that strong, that beautiful. And it is also totally impossible.

Even though she knows it’s impossible, Seren longs to have the sunshine on her skin. It’s something she feels she needs to stay sane. But when you’re hurtling through space at thousands of kilometres an hour, sometimes you have to accept there are things you cannot change.

Except that the arrival of Dom in her life changes everything in ways she can barely comprehend. He becomes the sun for her, and she can't help but stay in his orbit. To lose him would be like losing herself.

In the dark, can a heart still hope?

I’ve been hankering after this ever since talking to Kate during #ukyachat and creepering on her book. Thanks Little Brown and NetGalley!

The Winner’s Kiss, Marie Rutkoski (e-proof)

Following the intrigue and danger of The Winner’s Curse and the revolution and romance of The Winner’s Crime, Kestrel finds herself in the tundra’s mines and Arin has sailed home. The empire seems unstoppable.

Lies will come undone, and Kestrel and Arin will learn just how much their crimes will cost them in this third and final instalment in the heart-stopping Winners trilogy. 

One of my most anticipated books of the year! Thanks Bloomsbury and NetGalley!

Paper Butterflies, Lisa Heathfield (proof)

My dad didn’t see, or maybe he just didn’t want to.

June’s life at home with her stepmother and stepsister is a dark one – and a secret one. Not even her dad knows the truth. She's trapped like a butterfly in a net.

But then June meets Blister. In him, she finds a glimmer of hope that perhaps she can find a way to fly far, far away.

Because every creature in this world deserves their freedom. But what price?

I am SO looking forward to this! And I’m quoted in the proof! Thanks Electric Monkey!

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to be invited along to Faber for a preview of all the exciting titles they have coming up! Here are the books I got in the goody bag.

Highly Illogical Behaviour, John Corey Whaley

Perijee and Me, Ross Montgomery

Rebel Bully Geek Pariah, Erin Lange


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