Thursday, 2 October 2014

Favourites: September '14

This is a blog where I pretty much exclusively talk about books, but I want you guys to get to know me a little better so I’ve copied some YouTubers and decided to post the things I fall in love with every month. Enjoy, and make sure you share yours in the comments!

Banned Books Week (21st-27th)
What can be more excellent than a week dedicated to getting the word out about some of the most important books ever written? Not much, really. Although Banned Books Week will never quite manage to undo the damage of banning books, but it’s trying and that’s awesome.

Old El Paso BBQ Enchiladas
A chance buy when looking for something a little different to feed my fussy little sister and BAM – we fell in love. We’ve had them at least four times this month...

‘Centuries’, Fall Out Boy
Oh, my boys. After seeing them in Wembley earlier this year, my fourteen-year-old self was reignited with love. Damn, they are good live, and I knew every single word of every single song and I didn’t even refresh myself before I went. Then when this masterpiece came along, I realised that actually, my 22-year-old self is a pretty massive fangirl of Pete, Patrick, Joe and Andy too.

I wasn’t really bothered about this until my Twitter feed refused to shut up about it. So I watched an episode and I got it. SO GOOD. I binged all five episodes that were out at the time, and now there is a mid-season break until April. APRIL. I may have to rewatch them to get my Jamie fill. This seriously needs to air over here, stat.

Scented candles, particularly vanilla
This is a bit of random one. My flat still doesn’t feel like home and walking past some discounted candles last weekend, I got it into my head that this would help. Surprisingly, it did. And as a bonus, my flat now smells like vanilla. It’s my day off from work today so I’m going to buy a basket full as I’m burning through them pretty quickly...

Diet coke
Now this is a pretty standard favourite of mine and has been for a long time, but with work becoming more and more stressful as we get busier and loose staff, it has become essential. I work in a really little town just past Gatwick and there is nothing there so I’ve become rather partial to the giant fountain drinks you get in Subway. Fill it up with diet coke and I’m set for the afternoon. I think I need an IV of the stuff...

What are your favourite things of September?



  1. Oh I love these types of posts! Totally with you on the candles, I've got four on the go as we speak :D. If you're burning through them really quickly the Yankee Candle wax melts are worth a go - really cheap and the oils burn for about 20 hours. The Cinnamon Stick one is basically autumn in a candle!

  2. I now have an urge to burn all the candles in my room!! Diet coke is definitely more a life favourite. x


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