Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Books I Couldn't Finish (3)

I used to finish ever book I started, whether I was enjoying it or not. But life is short. I’ve realised that I don’t have time for books I’m not fullly involved in any longer so if I don’t like something or don’t connect with it as much as I want to, I’ll put it aside. It still makes me feel guilty though, especially if I received them for review so I still want to talk about them, explain why I didn’t like them. Here are the most recent books I DNF-ed.

Black Ice, Becca Fitzpatrick
I struggled finishing the Hush, Hush series for the same reason I didn’t get very far with Black Ice: the characters. Britt is an entitled, spoilt ass who I immediately disliked and I couldn’t see that changing anytime soon. Now, I don’t believe that characters have to be likable, but they have to be at least vaguely redeemable, or at least interesting, and Britt isn’t. I had no connection with her and so her story felt over-dramatic and unimportant to me.

Magisterium: The Iron Trial, Holly Black and Cassandra Clare
My love for these two authors is no secret. I worship the books written by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare and they have written some of my favourite worlds and stories ever, but I just didn’t feel it in The Iron Trial. Lots of the beginning felt very familiar to me, but not familiarity with the authors; it felt like Harry Potter. Magical school, messy, black hair and a mum who died to save him all reminds me of a certain boy wizard... I would have been able to move past this if I could feel the spark and promise of these authors, but I couldn’t. I have been told that it gets better so I intend to give it another go.

Naomi and Ely’s No-Kiss List, David Levithan and Rachel Cohn
I’m a huge fan of David Levithan but I struggled to connect with this one. Levithan’s characters are usually complex and interesting and slightly obnoxious, but I didn’t feel anything from Naomi and Ely. Add to that the emoticons that litter Naomi’s chapters and you get pure annoyance. I didn’t really enjoy Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist either – where’s my David Levithan love going?!


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  1. I've heard great things about Black Ice but it doesn't good like the sort of thing for me, so I'm not entirely surprised you didn't click with it. As for The Iron Trial, that must suck! I know you worship Cassandra Clare!


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