Thursday, 4 September 2014

Top Tips for a Trip to Thassos

I’ve been home from my holiday to the Greek island of Thassos for nearly two weeks now (HOW?!) and I’ve had time to thoroughly digest it and I’m ready to recommend the beautiful little island and provide you with some helpful tips for your visit.

Go with a travel company. There is no airport on the island and the transfer includes a drive to a port, a ferry ride and then a further drive. All in all, it lasts about an hour, but I would have freaked if Thomson hadn’t held my hand the whole way. It was completely effortless and the best way to start the holiday.

Hire a car. I can’t drive so I missed out on some things I wanted to see as public transport on the island is infrequent and not particularly efficient. It only takes two and a half hours to drive round the entire island so you’d probably be good with only two or three days hire.

Take a big t-shirt to wear in the pool once you’ve burnt your shoulders and back in the first two days...

Wear so much suncream you look like an ice cream.

Visit the capital of Thassos Town (Linenas) in the evening. Because of the daytime heat, it’s practically a ghost town during the day, aside from the beach. Yes, there’s a beach in the island’s capital... After about 7pm the town comes alive. People start flooding the harbour-side restaurants, wandering through the shops, grabbing groceries, enjoying an after-dinner ice cream or frappe and generally enjoying the cool air. And the sunsets over the mountains can be seen beautifully from the town.

Go snorkelling. It’s a brilliant experience and a fun, easy and free 

Swim all the damn time ‘cos otherwise you’ll pass out from the heat.

Take lots of books or a full Kindle because I literally spent a week alternating reading and swimming – it was glorious and the best way to experience the myriad of stunning beaches on the island. 

Just go, seriously. You’ll be hard-pushed to find a Greek island that’s still so little-commercialised and effortlessly relaxing.


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