Thursday, 11 September 2014

Mood Reading

Before the blog break I took in July I read by release date. Everything that I read in a month was dictated by the list of books in my spreadsheets and blog tours and publisher requests. But I was starting to not enjoy anything I was reading and I had to take a few weeks off.

Then I came back from my weeks of reading whatever I felt like and I was enjoying reading again. I have managed to stay reading whatever I feel like, it just so happens that all of those books over the last two or so weeks have been August and September releases! I’m finding that I’m loving what I’m reading and if I don’t then I’m putting it down. I’m not rushing through books in order to get a review up, I’m not purposely choosing short books so I can read them quickly, I’m not restricting myself to a certain few options and ignoring the one calling my name. I’m even reading a few that I’ve bought myself...

I’m going through a contemp phase at the moment, particularly those that are quick, cute American college or high school contemps that make you squee and your heart melt, but also with surprising depth and I’m loving this new freedom. Maybe I’ll have a fantasy binge next, who knows?

Do you mood read? Or do you read by release date? By length? By genre?



  1. I've been reading by release date recently and it has been slowly destroying my love for reading so I know what you mean. I decided to put a strict limit on my requests to combat this and so I can read more books just because I want to regardless of when they come out and not because I have to...... so far it's working quite well and I'm starting to find the enjoyment again, got a way to go yet but definitely getting there.

    Thea @ Gizzimomo's Book Shelf

  2. I've got a couple of review books coming up that hopefully I'll like even though I'm in a weird reading mood right now. But after these, I get to read the rest of the Infernal Devices trilogy!

  3. I've always mood read - sometimes the dates match up with when a book is published but often they don't. If I don't feel like reading such and such a book - I won't enjoy it and will often put it down, if I'm in the right mood to read it I'm more likely to finish and review it :)

  4. I changed my book choosing method earlier this year and I deleted my entire TBR list/goodreads account. I now chose books by going to the library every week and browsing the shelves, picking books that grab my interest. Since doing this reading has become fun again and I don't think I'll ever go back :)


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