Thursday 18 September 2014

Books I Desperately Want to Re-Read

Re-reading is a pleasure that I associate with my childhood. It wasn’t unusual for me to finish a book and flip straight back to the first page again when I loved it; I did it with Twilight, How I Live Now, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the Diary of a Crush trilogy, the Georgia Nicolson series, Matilda and so many more. But since I started blogging, it’s become a bit of a lost luxury. I have a list as tall as I am of books I’m going to read upon the apocalypse when there’s nothing else I need to be doing, but here’s my top five books I’m in most dire need of a re-read of:

Daughter of Smoke and Bone/Days of Blood and Starlight
I still haven’t read Dreams of Gods and Monsters because I want to go into the finale knowing every detail of the beginning of the story so I can appreciate DoGaM in all its blistering glory. It has to happen soon because I seriously need to see how this trilogy ends.

Man, that book is beautiful. I just want to experience the power and beauty of the prose and Katsa’s awesome all over again. Seriously, if you haven’t read this, read it. Fiercely beautiful, feminist fantasy at its finest (whoop whoop for alliteration!).

How to Love
This is one my favourite, and most underrated, books I’ve read in recent years. It’s still difficult to put my finger on what made me fall in love with it so much: the perfect messes that are Reena and Sawyer and the achingly wonderful portrayal of first love and growing up with and without it. I want you all to read it so we can squee about how amazing it is. Go, shoo.

The Confessions of Georgia Nicolson
I worshiped this series for most of my teenage years. Georgia is brave and stupid and hilarious in all the ways I could never manage and although she made me cringe a lot of the time, I wanted to be her. I remember laughing at these books until tears ran down my face and I want to experience that again. But I’m worried that at 22 it won’t be nearly as wonderful as it was at 17...

Since I was pretty young, my favourite Austen novel and story has been Sense and Sensibility. But as I’ve got older and watched the Rupert Penry Jones adaptation of Persuasion a few more hundred times, I’m beginning to lean towards Austen’s final novel. But in order to firmly make such a momentous decision, I need to re-read the novel. And soon.

What would you love to re-read? Do you re-read at all? Have you re-read anything that you didn’t love as much as the first time?


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