Monday 12 April 2010

Titus and Atreus - Meridi Myers

Titus and Atreus - Meridi Myers

Pages: 323
Publisher: Hero Publishing
Release Date: 1st December 2009

Two worlds, two boys…one prophecy.

Grief-stricken by the loss of his parents, Titrus Attwater is convinced his life will never improve. His older sister ignores his calls, his grades in school have plummeted, and his house, once a place of warmth and security, is now lonely, cold, and alien.

But when a young man appears one night in Titus’s house, claiming he came in upstairs through the full-length mirror, Titus’s life gets turned upside-down. For, as Titus soon discovers, this intruder is not from Earth. Against his will, Titus is kidnapped and taken to another world, a place like Earth but markedly different. It is here where he will befriend angels, face assassins, and help a young prince unravel a prophecy that proves much darker and more twisted than any of them had imagined.

Titus and Atreus is a magical novel of dark prophecies, dangerous secrets and a deadly battle. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it.

My favourite thing about Titus and Atreus is the characters. Titus and Atreus are twin souls consumed by fear and controlled by destiny. But they’re also selfless and brave. There is also Atreus’ bodyguard Juno (who reminds me a little of Valek from Maria V. Snyder’s Study trilogy) and intimidating healer Nightingale. Though it’s the Angels that stole the show for me. All seven angels have different, vibrantly coloured wings, flower-covered revealing outfits that correspond with their names (Lily, Rose, Tulip etc.), irritate Atreus to death and would do anything in their power to protect him. Put it this way, they’re not traditional angels by any means.

I also really loved the mythology. It’s completely original and like nothing I’ve ever come across before. The idea of travelling between worlds through mirrors is genius and I loved it. Twin souls who look and think alike and experience versions of the same things seems a really Doctor Who idea. And I’m rather fond of Doctor Who. The way that the lives of the characters are entwined is captivating and kept me guessing as to how events would play out through the novel.

I really enjoyed Titus and Atreus and I’ll be keeping my eyes open for more from Meridi Myers in the future.



  1. It's such an interesting cover. Now that I've read your review, I have to say that I'm more than intrigued by this book.

  2. Sounds great! I wasn't too sure at first, but I'm intrigued too :)

  3. Yay! Yay! I was so afraid to read this incase you didn't enjoy it. When I got the request for this, I really like the sound of the blurb so I said yes. I was worried it might fall down in the execution but I'm glad to hear that is not the case. Woo hoo! Multi-coloured wings? I am so there!

  4. Thanks for the review, Sophie! Is this a YA or MG? It sounds very good, I actually read another positive review of this book a little while back. Added it to my wishlist.

  5. I like the sound of this. The Dr Who comparison is totally doing it for me! I've barely heard anything about this one but it sounds so original.


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