Thursday, 3 December 2015

Favourites: November 2015

Dinner with old colleagues
I met up with three of the lovely ladies I used to work with for dinner. I hadn’t seen two of them for nearly a year so it was great to catch up. We gorged on Italian food and deserts we so didn’t need. It’s strange, out of everyone I worked with, the three women I love the most from that job are my mum’s age – go figure. It was also nice to see them and have them talk about mum (she had worked with them all at some point over her 20 years in that business) on the day before the second anniversary of her death. It was much needed and we’ve vowed that it won't be another year before we see each other again!

Bring Me the Horizon at Alexandra Palace
On Saturday 28th, Bring Me the Horizon (British metal band) played the London gig of their current tour for That’s the Spirit – their fifth album. This gig marked the fourth time I've seen them and they're short of incredible. With a 10,000 strong crowd at Ally Pally, a blinding light show and a super cool, multi-level, video stage, they rocked it. I was so wrapped up in it that I forgot to even attempot a blurry photo... Sadly, we missed the encore as we had to get back to Victoria for the last train (bloody hate trekking to Ally Pally for a gig…), but I loved it all the same. It was also really cool to see Pvris, who were BMTH’s first support, for only their second London show – they were excellent.


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