Thursday 10 December 2015

Announcement: Celebrating Jane Austen

Hello! Happy Thursday!

I have a very exciting announcement for you today, well, it is for me, and I hope you’ll be excited too.

During the week of 14-19th December, So Many Books, So Little Time will be dedicated to all things Jane Austen! December 17th marks Jane’s 240th birthday and I thought it’d be the perfect time to give her some love in the blogosphere as I rarely hear her discussed in this parts which makes me sad.

Over the week there will be guest posts from authors Natasha Farrant and Alexia Casale, snippets from bloggers and readers about their favourite Austen novel, a post on Austen fan fiction and a lot at the cultural legacy she's left behind.

I really hope you’ll join me for a jump back into Regency England next week! And maybe you’ll be inspired to reread your favourite or finally pick up your first Austen novel.


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