Thursday 12 June 2014

30 Things to Do Before I'm 30

It’s my birthday on Sunday. I shall be the ripe old age of 22; only 8 years until I reach the next milestone – 30. And there are many, many things I want to do before then.

Here are the top 30 things I want to do before I’m 30:

1. Move to London.
2. Get a job I actually enjoy, preferably in publishing.
3. Go to New York.
4. Meet Sarah Dessen.
5. Learn to dive.
6. Be okay with my body.
7. Skydive.
8. Learn to drive.
9. Road-trip across the US – New York to LA.
10. Go to Australia.
11. Learn to walk in high heels without looking like a tit.
12. Own all of the Disney animated classics.
13. Go to Disneyland.
14. Visit Rome, Venice, Pisa, Florence. Just Italy, actually.
15. Take a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon.
16. Go to a movie premiere.
17. Own the full collection of Penguin and Puffin Clothbound Classics.
18. Marathon all 7 Harry Potter films in one go.
19. Have a library room.
20. Learn to cook.
21. Meet Ian Somerhalder.
22. Own a pair of Louboutins. Which I probably won’t be able to walk in.
23. Read the Lord of the Rings trilogy.
24. Learn to like wine and coffee. I just can’t see myself as a grown-up until I do...
25. Swim on the Great Barrier Reef.
26. Discover I have some magical/mystical/fantastical talent or history or fate.
27. Play on a team for something.
28. Meet Oli Sykes.
29. See the ruins of Athens.
30. Fall in love.

This is actually looking a little unachievable. Maybe it should be more of a bucket list...



  1. Nah, you can totally get at least half of them done. And it is 8 years, plenty of time! And I can totally help with the walking in high heels and marathon-ing the Harry Potter movies :)

  2. I love this list! You can do it - I'll help you with the wine :D x

  3. Fab list Sophie! I'm sure you can make a good crack at achieving them - 8 years is plenty of time :-)

  4. Quite a list. These are all achievable. It would be quite unfortunate if 22 was really an age that is considered as "ripe" and "old."

  5. I hope you achieve these Sophie! :-)

  6. 8 years is plenty of time - you can do it! :)

    And what a great list!

  7. I'm hoping to get to go to venice next year. I've been wanting to go for ages.

    These look completely achievable. I'm sure you can get at least most of them!


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