Thursday 19 June 2014

2014 Reading Goals Progress Report

Terrifyingly, we’re now halfway through 2014. At the beginning of the year I made a list of reading goals so I should be halfway to completely them – apparently. These were my pledges:

- Catch up on some of the awesome MG series’ I’ve missed (eg. Skulduggery Pleasant, Eragon, Percy Jackson, A Series of Unfortunate Events, finish His Dark Materials and Artemis Fowl, The Princess Diaries). STILL HOLDING OUT HOPE FOR THIS ONE!

- Read more classics. I did better last year than ever before, but I want to rock it this year! GETTING THERE! I’VE READ 3: PETER PAN, EMMA, A ROOM WITH A VIEW.

- Read more of the books that I buy. Books purchased myself seem to end up languishing on the bookcase in favour of review copies to soothe my guilt. No more. I AM TRYING WITH THIS ONE, BUT I’VE GOTTEN SO MANY AWESOME REVIEW COPIES THIS YEAR!

- Complete at least five series’ I’ve fallen behind on (eg. The Enemy, Hush, Hush, Gone, Leviathan, Kane Chronicles, Caster Chronicles, The Demon’s Lexicon, Numbers, The Maze Runner – I have a few to choose from!). ERM, NOTHING.

- Read 125 books as per last year’s Goodreads challenge. 65 BOOKS SO FAR, SO I’M ON MY WAY TO DOING THIS ONE.

- Read what I want to read when I want to read it. NOT QUITE...

- Read The Lord of the Rings trilogy. WHO HAS TIME FOR THAT?!

- Re-read Harry Potter. ONE DAY...

- Take the pressure off reading and blogging and ENJOY IT! I DON’T THINK THIS ONE WILL EVER HAPPEN.

So, yeah. I’m doing BRILLIANTLY *ahem*. I’m still hopeful about some of them; others were a little ambitious...

How are you doing with your 2014 reading goals? Have you completed any yet? Any advice to help me achieve mine?



  1. Like you, I too need more time to read! I'm not doing too well with my reading goals. Sigh.

  2. I'm doing alright on my Goodreads challenge and my Lucky 14 reading challenge, and surprisingly doing quite well on tackling my TBR. But like you, I really need some time to catch up series I've abandoned. Maybe we need a read-a-thon or something

  3. You are doing pretty well! I think that it's so hard to keep up with reading challenges sometimes. Life is not something that is so easily planned :D

  4. I'm trying not to make goals and just looking at my reading achievements as they happen. I want to reread so many books but the unread uncracked spines call to me.


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