Thursday 5 March 2009

I Got a Blog Award!

Jenny over at Wondrous Reads nominated me for this award. So thanks Jenny!

The rules of this award are that you have to list five things that you are addicted too and nominate five brilliant blogs to pass this onto. So here goes!

My addictions (other than books!):

1. Gossip Girl - I love this TV show. I can't get enough of it. Fabulous clothes, juicy gossip and Nate Archibald!

2. Lie-ins - I'm not a happy girl when I don't get a lie-in. They make really do make my day. I don't think I'd survive without my weekend lie-ins!

3. Twilight - I know, I know, but I can't help it. This is a major addiction that I successfully passed on to my little sister and quite a few friends.

4. Diet Coke - I know it's bad for you and everything, but when I'm drinking it, I don't care! Whenever I go out I get some because mum won't let us have it in the house!

5. The Computer - I can't go a day without checking my emails or updating or looking at my blog. I swear it wasn't this bad until I got my blog.

The bloggers that I nominate are:

- Luisa at Chicklish
- Em at Em's Bookshelf
- Hope at Hope's Bookshelf
- Nancy at Tales of a Ravenous Reader
- Kelsey at Reading Keeps You Sane

Thanks again Jenny!



  1. You're welcome :)

    I love Gossip Girl too, it's amazing. So scandalous and addictive. And Chuck Bass rocks!

  2. Ooh, thanks for nominating me! I loved reading these!

  3. Thanks for nominating me! You totally made my day! :)


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