Thursday, 10 November 2016

Should I feel guilty about my guilty pleasures?

Sometimes I need to break up my reading a little bit. I might listen to an audiobook, read an adult novel, bury myself in a classic, and sometimes I indulge in trash.

And I feel SO guilty about it.

I don’t question swapping out a review book for a classic, but picking up a New Adult read on my Kindle? Which I would never read in physical form, by the way. That, I feel guilty about.

But it’s New Adult that gets me out of my slump. It’s New Adult that I fly through without thinking about having to write a review or when I need to finish it by. I just enjoy it. Or enjoy ripping it apart.

Why should I feel guilty about reading something that makes me happy? Something that’s easy and relaxing?

Do you feel guilty about your guilty pleasures?



  1. You shouldn't, but I totally get it because I do,too. I think for me just staying in tune with the knowledge that naturally some things do have more literary weight than others is important. I don't want to lose sight of why I read. I'm not usually challenged emotionally or intellectually when reading new adult, and that level of comfort is something that is easy, but not super rewarding.

  2. No but yes. Totally get it, it's a little embarrassing to admit that you enjoy New Adult books because they can be super trashy and not very intelligent. But sometimes you just need something that doesn't require a great amount of concentration and you shouldn't feel guilty about that.


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