Tuesday 20 September 2016

9 Thoughts About Brandon Sanderson’s Reckoners Trilogy

This series is a lot less intense than the Mistborn series – it’s fun, fast-paced and easy to enjoy.

Steelheart felt a little similar in the trajectory of the plot to The Final Empire – a ragtag band of misfits plot to take down a tyrannical leader.

Book two, Firefight, is a little less brilliant than book one. It feels a bit similar to Steelheart and the plot is a little less engaging.

But book three steps it straight back up again. I was immediately sucked back into David’s world within only a few chapters of Calamity.

I love the tone of David’s narration. It’s chatty, easy, conversational and SO easy to connect with. Everything is immediate.

David’s ridiculous metaphors are consistently awful and they inject regular humour into some serious drama and action.

The love story between David and Megan is always there, but it never takes over. It’s sweet, affectionate banter in the background; an angst in the beginning; and a motivation to survive. So adorable.

What a twist about Calamity at the end of Calamity! I wasn’t expecting that at all and I loved it.

Macleod Andrews who reads this series is the perfect audiobook narrator. He gets David brilliantly and I love the pep and optimism that’s always there. He’s so brilliant that I would deliberately seek out more audiobooks read by him.

What should I read next in my adventures through Brandon Sanderson’s world? I’m thinking Warbreaker…


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