Thursday 11 December 2014

My Bookish Christmas Wishlist

When it comes to my birthday or Christmas, my most-wanted things are usually book related. Here are the bookish delights I want most this year:

I’ve recently become obsessed with scented candles so what could be better than book-related scented candles?!

Well, this one is pretty self-explanatory. I obviously want a tribute to my (rather neglected) blog in the form of awesome bookends for the books I’ve just HAD to display on top of my bookcases because there’s no room...

I pretty much want the whole collection of these end to end to make wallpaper, but I really love the image in this one as well as the actual novel. They’re a brilliant idea.

I’ve had this in my Etsy basket for a crazy long time, but as usual with Etsy, the shipping is more than the actual print which is rather off-putting. And yet it’s so gorgeous...

I want this so bad, but it’s super expensive - £28 for a scarf! Without shipping! Maybe next year...

I love the editions of classics in this style so it was pretty inevitable that I would want this notebook set. I doubt I’d actually ever write in them though; they’re too pretty.

I love the classic Penguin cover designs and spines. They’re so unique and immediately identifiable and an image of loads together on a notebook? Perfect.

What are hoping to receive from Santa this year?



  1. You have such unique things on your list! I especially love the Dobby watercolour print. I want one too now!

  2. great choices! I have to get those tea lights!

  3. Oh these are such unique choices - that Dobby print looks awesome and the bookends with your blog name look brilliant :)


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