Thursday 4 December 2014

Favourites: November 2014

Breaking Bad
I’m finally one of the cool kids. Me and my sister powered through all five wonderful, heart-breaking, incredibly tense seasons of Walt and Jesse’s adventures and I’m rather bereft now that it’s done, to be honest. The characters arcs are so strong, so strong, and I don’t think I’ve seen any like that in TV for a very, very long time. Bravo.

Christmas Shopping
I absolutely love it. There are few things that make me happier than being able to splash a ton of money on the people I love with a valid excuse. I have most of it done now, just the difficult ones left...

Guardians of the Galaxy
Another pop culture phenomenon I’m way behind on. I bought this as soon as it came out on DVD and holy crap, it’s excellent! So funny, moving and full of incredible graphics. I think I might go and re-watch it actually...

The Bookshop Books, Jen Campbell
I often struggle to fully get into non-fiction, but Jen Campbell’s stories on the wonderful bookshops of the world captivated me. It’s left me with a constant burning desire to visit them all and spend all of the monies. Gorgeous shops with wonderful stories and passionate people – what more can you ask for?

What did you fall in love with in November?



  1. Welcome to the Breaking Bad club. It's so good. Frightening and terrible yet so believable and engrossing. I loved it (although sometimes I watched episodes between my fingers!)

  2. I'm not one of the cool kids, I haven't watched Breaking Bad! To be honest, I don't particularly care, is that bad? And I win at Christmas shopping this year, I've done all of it and got some awesome presents :)

  3. I love Christmas shopping too! And for whatever reason, I absolutely love wrapping presents. I find it so relaxing! XD

  4. I don't read very much non-fiction either, but The Bookshop Book does sound intriguing. Jen stopped by my blog with a guest post on the magic of bookshops a while ago and I completely fell in love with her style. I really need to pick up a copy!


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