Monday 29 March 2010

Event Report: Headline Meets Online

Last Wednesday, I got the chance to go up to London for the Headline Meets Online party where I got to meet lots of the Headline publicity team and some amazing UK bloggers. Unfortunately I forgot my camera (as usual) so I have no pictures, but I did meet Jenny of Wondrous Reads, Carla of The Crooked Shelf, Jo of Once Upon a Bookcase/Ink and Paper, Becky of The Bookette, Carolyn of Book Chick City, Liz of My Favourite Books, Sammee of I Want to Read That and a few more that I can’t remember. Sorry!

I was lucky enough to bump into Jenny, Carla, Liz, Carolyn and Alex Bell (author of Lex Trent Versus the Gods) as I arrived early so we sat outside and chatted until it was time to go in. When we arrived we navigated the very cool lifts into the office and got our badges (which I forgot to take off and ended up wearing on the Tube). We were in a little boardroom with food, drink and piles of books. Books that we were allowed to HELP OURSELVES TO and add to our goodie bag!! A very exciting moment for all of us. After a brief chat with everyone we settled down to watch a presentation on all of the new and upcoming Headline titles. I have to admit, I’m a tad excited for a few of them! (Wintercraft, Scarlett Dedd etc.).

After the presentation, the authors were unleashed on us. Carole Matthews (The Chocolate Lover’s Club), Dan Wells (I Am Not a Serial Killer), Alex Bell (Lex Trent Versus the Gods), Jonathan L. Howard (Johannes Cabal the Necromancer), Paul Magrs (The Diary of a Dr Who Addict) and Sean Cregan (The Levels) joined us. They were all fantastic and it was really lovely to be able to chat to them and get our books signed so informally.

We then took part in a quiz. My team, the Crescents, came joint second to last. But Alex, Becky, Carla and me felt we were at a disadvantage with only four players compared to some with seven. It wasn’t our fault we were so lame! Jo’s team won and they got a cool little trophy as she proudly showed off in her report!

Then we just carried on chatting as the people dropped away and then after I left, some bloggers went to the pub. I had college the next morning and would’ve been home quite late so I didn’t go, but it sounds like they had a brilliant time.

I had a fantastic time so I’d like to give a thank you to all of the Headline team (Sam, Maura, Kasi, Helena) who organised the event and I’d encourage anyone else to go to something like this if they get the chance. It was a brilliant afternoon.



  1. Great report - I loved reading it! I really like that goodie bag, too, and the goodies! Glad you had a great time.

  2. Great report, Sophie! It was great to meet you! My team was brilliant ;) Had such a good time!

  3. I'm glad you had a good time, I'm a bit upset because I couldn't go. It seems like everyone had a great time meeting everyone from the different blogs.

    BTW I have an award for you

  4. Ace report dude, and love your pics! You should have told me you'd forgotten your camera.. I could have taken some pics for you. Next time! :)

  5. Sounds like you had a good time. :-)

  6. I agree a big thanks to the Headline team. They are all so lovely. It was so nice to meet you Sophie and even if we aren't going to win Mastermind any time soon, I'm still glad I got the Poirot question ;-)

  7. As Poirot's biggest fan I'm glad you got that question right as well! So nice to see you all. Can't wait for the next party!

  8. Sounds like an awesome time! Fab report too.

    I have to agree about being super excited for Wintercraft. :D

  9. I'm glad you all had a great time! I was so disappointed that I couldn't make it but I hope to get a chance to go to another event like it in the future :o)


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