Sunday, 5 June 2016

Letterbox Love #135

Letterbox Love is a way to give all of the books I receive for review some exposure. Summaries are taken from the cover, or Amazon/NetGalley/Goodreads in the case of e-books, unless otherwise stated. All of the books are in exchange for an honest review.

 Gemina, Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff (proof)

Hanna Donnelly is the station captain’s pampered daughter and Nik Malikov is the reluctant member of a notorious crime family. Together they struggle with the realities of life aboard the galaxy’s most boring space station, blissfully unaware that Kady Grant and the Hypatia are headed right toward Heimdall with the news of the Kerenza invasion.

Picking up about five minutes after Illuminae ends, Gemina is the electrifying sequel to the hottest novel of 2015.

YAAAAAS! Thank you Rock the Boat!

Born Scared, Kevin Brooks (proof)

Elliot is terrified of almost everything.

From the moment he was born, his life has been governed by acute fear. The only thing that keeps his terrors in check are the pills that he takes every day.

It’s Christmas Eve, there’s a snowstorm and a mix up means that Elliot’s medication is almost gone. His mum nips out to collect his prescription. She’ll only be 10 minutes – but when she doesn’t come back, Elliot must face his fears and try to find her. She should be only 482 metres away. It might as well be 482 miles…

I didn’t even know about a new Kevin brooks until it popped up on Twitter – so excited! Thanks Electric Monkey!

Eden Summer, Liz Flanagan (hardback)

It starts like any other day for Jess – get up, draw on eyeliner, cover up tattoos and head to school. But soon it’s clear this is no ordinary day, because Jess’s best friend, Eden, isn’t at school…she’s gone missing.

Jess knows she must do everything in her power to find Eden before the unthinkable happens.

So Jess decides to retrace the summer she and Eden have just spent together. But looking back means digging up all their buried secrets, and she starts to question everything she thought and she starts to question everything she thought Eden’s summer had been about.

A tense and thrilling journey through friendship, loss, betrayal and self-discovery.

I've heard such good things about this already! Thanks David Fickling!

What’s a Girl Gotta Do?, Holly Bourne (proof)

Lottie is starting a supersonic feminist experiment. For one month she’s going to call out every instance of sexism she sees. But when her project hits the headlines, the trolls come out to play – and they are VICIOUS. Lottie’s not a quitter, but best friends Evie and Amber are worried. What if Lottie’s heading for burnout…or worse?

*does a happy dance* Thanks Usborne!

Sing, Vivi Greene (paperback)

The Multiplatinum Biggest Hits and Biggest Heartbreaks of Lily Ross are one and the same.

I chose this… I get to make music and sing my songs and live my life in from of millions of people. I don’t get to be normal. I’m just the fool who keeps trying. But this summer is going to be different.

Sounds fun! Thanks Harper Collins!

The Witch’s Kiss, Katherine and Elizabeth Corr (paperback)

Merry is an average teenager.
She's also a witch.
She's trying not to be, but she is.

Then Jack comes into her life and she can’t help falling under his spell. One problem – he’s part of an evil, centuries-old curse that Merry now has to break.

If Merry has lost her heart, will she lose her life too? Or can true love’s kiss save the day?

Being a witch is dangerous – but being in love is even worse…

Man, I love this cover! Thanks Harper Collins!


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  1. Good looking haul. I've seen Sing around, and I love the cover for's a shame I couldn't get into this series.

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