Thursday 9 June 2016

Authors I'm Reading Completely: Part Two

I'm back with another six authors that I'm reading completely! Last time I mostly focussed on classic authors, so I've decided to choose more contemporary authors this time.

Brandon Sanderson is an author I came pretty late to, but that means that I have a huge back catalogue to work my way through! I’ve only read The Rithmatist and the original Mistborn trilogy so far, but I’m thinking that I’ll go for Steelheart next as that’s a finished trilogy.

I’ve only read Tartt’s The Secret History so far but it was one of my very favourite books from last year and I immediately bought The Goldfinch and The Little Friend. I'm extremely daunted by the former because it's HUGE, but I’m feeling that more than the latter at the moment.

Even though A Room with a View didn’t blow me away – I only gave it 3 stars – but I'm determined that it was me rather than Forster. I love the themes of his work and I reckon that now I'm more familiar with classics I’ll see a lot more in them.

I studied Virginia Woolf in my last year of university. I did a whole module on her and we studied a good deal of her fiction and non-fiction, but there were a few novels I didn’t finish and a few we didn’t study. To be honest, I did struggle with her novels, but I want to try them again, especially Orlando.

The next author is another I encountered in my last year at university – Jeanette Winterson. I fell in love with Oranges are Not the Only Fruit and then I read Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal? last year which re-booted my need to devour everything she's written. And there’s A LOT.

Sarah Waters is an author that I'd being hearing amazing things about for years but didn’t read until diving into Fingersmith for a reading challenge last year. I loved it. The atmosphere, the writing, the twists and turn, it’s all so brilliant! I've got The Paying Guests lined up next!

Which authors do you want to read completely?


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  1. I really want to read Sarah Waters too - we have a copy of Fingersmith at work and I keep eyeing it up! One day!


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