Saturday 25 September 2010

An Update

Today (well, tomorrow, as I actually scheduled this post on Friday) I move up to Bath to go to university. That means driving all of this:

(see my book box, complete with checklist?)

up the bumpy motorway (I think it’s officially called the M4, but it really is very bumpy) and fitting it into a room the size of a cupboard, here:

(well, not in that building because it's reception. I couldn't find a picture of my dorm building. If you're interested I can post pictures later on. Let me know in the comments.)

Because of the panicking and crying and unpacking and exploring that I’ll have to do today and tomorrow and then the induction and fresher events of next week I’m likely to be a bit absent from the internet. I’ve got a few reviews scheduled but it’s unlikely I’ll be commenting on and reading other blogs until I get myself and my WiFi sorted.

There also won’t be an IMM tomorrow because of the aforementioned possible internet issues and I didn’t get very much this week anyway. But what I did get while be included next week as long as everything goes to plan. Fingers crossed!

Wish me luck!



  1. Sounds like so much fun! Going to college! Have a safe trip and great semester!

  2. Good Luck Sophie. Bath is just gorgeous. I am sure you will have a fantastic time

  3. Good luck, Sophie! Is that Bath Spa university? It's so pretty.

    Oh, and while in Bath, you have to try one of the buns at Sally Lunn's. So yummy.

  4. Good luck Sophie!!
    I'm sure you'll have an amazing time!

  5. Good luck, Sophie! Hope you have a brilliant time at uni! I'm sure once you're all settled it'll be just great! See you in a few days :) xx

  6. Good luck for uni Sophie - you'll have a great time I'm sure. x

  7. Good luck! Im in the same boat as you this year and I also took a box full of books, my whole TBR pile lol! Have a great time x

  8. Good luck Sophie!!! Will be thinking about you today hope all goes well and smoothly!

  9. Have an amazing time Soph. I know you'll love it, and don't forget to hunt Lucy Christopher out at the first available opportunity! :)

    Hope all goes well, and speak to you soon!

  10. Exciting. New mind-broadening horizons here you come. Lots of luck and hope you settle in well. x

  11. Good luck, good luck! Have a fantastic time!

  12. Good luck Sophie, I hope you get settled in quickly! I'm sure you'll have an amazing time at uni :o)

  13. Lauren - Yeah, it is Bath Spa and it is SO pretty!

    Jenny - I all prepared to hunt down Lucy don't you worry!

    Thanks for all your lovely comments guys!

  14. I'm late with a comment (as usual), I hope you have a fantastic time and settle in well.

    Bath is a gorgeous city and I'm sure you'll love it :D


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