Wednesday 22 September 2010

Blog Tour: Blood Ransom Teaser

On October 1st Simon and Schuster will publish the long-awaited to sequel to Sophie McKenzie’s multi-award-winning Blood Ties, Blood Ransom. To celebrate this S&S UK have given me an exclusive extract from Blood Ransom to share with you all. Enjoy!

It felt like hours later when Lewis turned off the light in the boat and slowed the engine to a low chug. The sea spray that had been spattering my face fell away and the moon came out from behind a dark cloud.
   I could just make out the coastline ahead – a dark beach under a jetty lit with a single lamp. Another boat – larger than ours – was already moored against the jetty.
   “Only one boat to disable,” Lewis muttered.
   I peered at the lamp. It was fastened to the shelter at the end of the jetty. Beneath it, a small security camera was swivelling away from us.
   “That camera is sweeping the jetty,” I whispered. “We’ll have to moor up behind the big boat so it doesn’t see us.”
   Lewis followed my gaze. “Good thinking,” he said.
   He cut the engine and paddled us up to the hull of the other boat. As the camera on the jetty shelter turned away from us, Lewis hauled himself up, clambering silently into the other boat. There was a swift ripping sound – a knife going through plastic. I watched the camera. It was still focused on the other end of the jetty. Lewis’s head appeared over the hull. He beckoned me towards him and I crawled into the other boat too.
   My heart was hammering away, the adrenalin coursing through me.
   “Okay, I’ve killed the engine,” Lewis whispered. “Their boat’s out of action.”
   I nodded, pointing towards the camera, which was now moving slowly back in our direction. We lay face down, prostrate against the deck as we waited for the camera to swing all the way towards us and begin its journey back again.
   Several long seconds passed. There was no sound from the shore, just the slap of the waves against the boats and the whistle of the wind above our heads.
   At last I risked a glance. The camera was pointing away from us again. I raised myself, ready to move.
   A tall, thick-set man was walking along the path towards the jetty. I dropped back down, my breath ragged and shallow. Had he seen us?

If you’re as intrigued as I am you should check out The Bookette tomorrow for a chance to win a copy of this amazing book.



  1. Fab extract! Am reading this now, but haven't got up to this bit yet. Thanks :)

  2. Hey, what a great extract. I just realised I haven't linked to Chicklish. I need to edit my post. I'm seriously not having a good brain time at the mo.

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