Sunday 19 September 2010

In My Mailbox 79

This meme was started by the fabulous Kristi who was inspired by Alea. Check out their blogs for more information. All summaries are from the book jackets.

For Review:

A Gathering Light - Jennifer Donnelly

Based on a real murder at the turn of the century, this outstanding debut novel is a powerful and moving coming-of-age book. Mattie is torn from her familial responsibilities, her desire to be a writer, and the excitement of a first romance. Her dilemmas and choices are quietly reflected in the life of a young woman found drowned in a lake, a woman that Mattie only gets to know through reading her letters.

When finally the tales of Mattie and the drowned girl merge, their stories beautifully combine in a brilliant and perfect conclusion.

Thanks to Bloomsbury for this.

Revolution - Jennifer Donnelly

Two girls, united in a quest to save a young prince, but spereated by over two hundred years.

Andi lives in present-day New York and is dealing with the aftermath of her brother’s accidental death. Alexandrine lives in Paris and is desperately trying to save a young boy from the ravages of the French Revolution. Their paths collide as Andi unlocks a route into the past which might just hold the key to reconciling herself to her own history - and her future.

A romantic, utterly engrossing story of two girls, two boys and the heart-wrenching thread that binds them together across the centuries. Bestselling, award-winning author Jennifer Donnelly has written an incredibly evocative portrait of lives torn apart by grief and mended by love.

Thanks again to Bloomsbury.

You Against Me - Jenny Downham (ARC)

You Against Me is an intense and uncompromising novel about loyalty and the choices that come with it.

If someone hurts your sister and you’re any kind of man, you seek revenge, right? If your brother’s accused of a terrible crime but says he didn’t do it, you defend him, don’t you?

Mikey and Ellie come from two very different worlds, one lives in a high rise block of flats, the other in a luxurious house with a garden behind a security gate. When Elli’s brother is charged with the offence, her world begins to unravel. When they meet, their two worlds collide. Each is forced to choose where their loyalties lie - and to decide whether blood ties are stronger than all-consuming teenage love. Mikey’s sister needs his support, and his family needs him to keep them on track; Ellie and her brother both need their parents’ help but can their parents be loyal to both of their children?

You Against Me is an arresting love story written by a brilliant writer.

A fantastic surprise from David Fickling Books/RHCB. I can’t wait to get stuck into this!

The Enemy - Charlie Higson

When the sickness came, ever parent, police officer, politician - every adult - fell ill. The lucky ones died. The others are crazed, confused and hungry.

Only children under fourteen remain, and they’re fighting to survive.

Now there are rumours of a safe place to hide. And so a gang of children begin their quest across London, where all through the city - down alleyways, in deserted houses, underground - the grown-ups lie in wait.

But can they make it there - alive?

I'm reading this at the moment and it's brilliant. Thanks, Puffin!

The Dead - Charlie Higson

A terrible disease is striking everyone over the age of fourteen. Death walks the streets. Nowhere is safe.

Maxie, Blue and the rest of the Holloway crew aren’t the only kids trying to escape the ferocious adults who prey on them.

Jack and Ed are best friends, but their battle to stay alive tests their friendship to the limit as they go on the run with a mismatched group of other kids - nerds, fighters, misfits. And one adult. Greg, a butcher, who claims he’s immune to the disease.

They must work together if they want to make it in this terrifying new world. But as a fresh disaster threatens to overwhelm London, they realise they won’t all survive…

Thanks again to Puffin.

Raised by Wolves - Jennifer Lynn Barnes

He’s in a cage, I reminded myself, but the words meant nothing to me, because I just couldn’t stop staring into his wild eyes and playing the last words he’d said before he Shifted, over and over again.

I got bit.
I got bit.
I got bit.

At the age of four, Bryn watched a rabid werewolf brutally murder her parents. She was rescued and taken in by the mysterious Callum, the alpha of his pack. Now fifteen, Bryn’s been a human among werewolves, adhering to pack rule.

But the pack’s been keeping a secret, and when Bryn goes exploring against Callum’s orders, she finds Chase, a newly turned teen Were locked in a cage. Bryn needs answers and she needs Chase to get them. Suddenly, it’s Bryn and Chase against the werewolf world, whatever the consequences.

Thank you to Quercus. I’m really looking forward to this one.


None. I’m being good!



  1. Fab books! Revolution looks fantastic, can't wait to get stuck into it! :)

  2. I agree You Against Me was a fantastic surprise. And Revolution sounds (and looks) amazing! Can't wait to read both of those :D

    Have a fab week, and well done for not buying any books ;)

  3. Hi! If you'd be willing to trade You Against Me with an american blogger, let me know! I'd love to ship you a few of my arcs in trade! Trying to find this book for the tour site I Run!


  4. Oooh, you got so many amazing books this week! You Against Me sounds simply amazing, and because I loved Before I Die with all my heart, I can't wait to see what you think of it. The Jennifer Donnelly ones look fantastic as well! Happy reading. :)

  5. Ah! I so want to read The Dead and You Against Me. Happy reading :)

  6. I like your blog so I'm your new follower :).
    Great selections ! Hope you'll have a great week reading those books !

  7. As much as I love the US cover of Revolution, I think I may like this one even more! I really enjoyed it, so it will be tough deciding which to buy in the end! I've been meaning to read Raised by Wolves! It came highly recommended to me!

  8. Ooh, Revolution sounds really good - enjoy, Happy Reading :)

  9. What a fantastic week of books! I'm really looking forward to reading A Gathering Light. I think I might have to 'borrow' my sister's copy. Revolution looks great too.

    I loved Before I Die by Jenny Downham so it'll be interesting to read her next book when it's published. Looking forward to seeing what you think of it.

  10. Very cool books this week. You against me looks really good, can't wait for the review :)

  11. I totally relate to the 'being good' thing when it comes to buying books. Actually I've noticed a few UK bloggers abstaining from mass book purchase at the moment. Weird coincidence, right?

    Looks like you got fabulous books this week, and I'm really looking forward to reading most of those myself. You Against Me sounds amazing!

  12. The Jennifer Donnelly books look really good!

    Here's my mailbox.

  13. Great books. I cannot wait to start You Against Me. It is just such a great concept. Hope you enjoy!

  14. You Against Me looks like such an interesting read and I think it'll find it's way to my TBR list. Great pile of books you got and i hope you have a fun time reading them :)

    Here's my mailbox for the week

  15. I'm so excited for Revolution! It sounds like such a fun and mystical read! I can' wait to hear what you think =) Enjoy!

  16. Great books, Sophie :) Raised by Wolves looks great. Happy reading!


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