Monday 25 January 2010

Signing Report: Maria V. Snyder

Last Thursday, Maria V. Snyder came to my local Waterstone’s and did a talk, reading, Q & A and signing. Naturally, I had to go along and meet her. Maria is completely lovely, really funny and very chatty. Here are some pictures of my signed books (sorry you can't read them properly, it was too dark for without a flash and the flash was too bright) and all of what I can remember of what Maria told us in her talk and in answers to questions:

- Poison Study took Maria 5 years to write.
- Now a book only takes between 4 and 6 months.
- She is a “seat of the pants” writer.

"Welcome to my Study Hall - today's lesson Poison!"

- Maria dreamt Inside Out from beginning to end, characters and plotline.
- She has a degree in Meteorology, which helped with the construction of the Stormdancer clan.
- Maria’s editor asked for the Glass trilogy because she felt that Opal was an interesting character and although Maria initially resisted, she was soon full of ides for the trilogy.

"Magic, murder and mayhem...Have you studied? I hope so."

- Short stories from the Study trilogy, Power Study and Ice Study are on Maria’s website.
- Maria would like to one day go back and write about the Commander and Valek set before Poison Study.
- She also wants to write more books in the Study trilogy one day.

"Good ahead play with fire - I won't tell!"

- Maria learnt about food tasting from her food taster husband for Poison Study.
- Maria learnt to horse ride for Magic Study.
- Maria learnt to blow glass for Fire Study.

"Caught in a riptide, which way would you go?"

- The UK covers of her books are her favourite.
- The image on the US Sea Glass is her editor’s Waterford Crystal starfish.
- Spy Glass will be released in the UK in October (I think) and Inside Out in December.

"The sea is full of treasure."

I had a fantastic time and I encourage you to go and meet Maria if you get a chance. You won’t regret it!



  1. Oh wow you're so lucky to get meet and have all your books signed by her! I've only just finished Poison Study and its definitely become one of my favourite books ever!

  2. I just love her books..Study Series and The Opal Cowan Series i.e Glass Series .. You are so lucky to get to meet her :)

    I think the short stories on her website are Assasin Study and Power Study .. Thanks for this post..

  3. I love what she wrote in your books! :) And I agree that she was lovely - I'm so glad I met her!

  4. :O I am so totally envious! I would love to meet her as I adore her books. We have to wait until December for Inside Out?!? But it looks so awesome! I don't want to wait that long... *sigh*

  5. Now I cannot wait for the release of Inside Out. Maria is so down to earth. Just lovely.

  6. Maria is lovely to meet in person. Yay!

  7. How fun! My friends have read these and enjoyed them. Glad you got to meet her!

  8. Wonderful report, and I loved seeing the inscriptions in your books. Amazing!

  9. Wow, I'm SO envious. How cool are all those books? And if she writes another book in the Study series, well, I wouldn't mind at all!

  10. How cool that you got to meet her and she autographed all of your books! Love the little tidbits you've shared. Thanks!

  11. Great event report, Sophie! Sounds like you had a great time! I was going to go to a Maria V. Snyder signing last week Monday, but work experience got in the way. Ah well, there'll be other times, hopefully!

    You have an award:

  12. I love those inscriptions, they're awesome! Such an interesting post too - thank you!

  13. You've got me really interested in the Study series now. Maria sounds like a really interesing lady!


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