Thursday 30 July 2009

Fab New Blogger and Font Colours

I've recently discovered a very cool blog called The Undercover Book Lover that I think you should all check out. Reggie writes fab reviews of some really great books.

Reggie also told me that the red font that I use on my blog is really hard to read with the black background. If you agree it would be great if you could let me know in the comments so that I know if I need to change it.

EDIT: Is this any better? I really miss the red though :(



  1. Personally I like it, and don't have a problem reading it!

  2. I like it to, and I can read it fine.

  3. I don't mind the red font too much, but sometimes I find it hard to read. I like the red though. I'd say change the background colour from black to white or something along those lines.

    - Alex

  4. I just found out about her blog too. It looks sweet. And yeah I find the font really annoying, it's killing my eyes :)

  5. It was definitely hard to read. I like this new background color better, but maybe you can lighten up the font color a little more still? I like the link colors though!

  6. I can read it now just fine ^^

    And if you wanted a black background, just put white font.

  7. I found it fine to read both ways - the red was pretty. But so is this :) Like a flight of minds said, if you want red maybe go for white background? It was fine to read for me though - maybe it's the computer screens? You won an award btw - :)

  8. You could go white and stay with the font??


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