Saturday 3 December 2016

My Favourite Lorelai Moment: 'Talking as Fast as I Can' Blog Tour

I was late to Gilmore Girls, not diving in until my final year of university in 2013. It was perfect timing. I was stressed and flailing, but I had the time to binge all seven seasons way too quickly. I fell head over heels with Lorelai, Rory, Luke, Jess, Sookie and Stars Hollow. I immediately introduced my little sister and she became obsessed too. We’ve both watch it right through a good two or three times since then.

These characters are firmly wedged in my heart now, and none more so that Lorelai.

To celebrate the release of Lauren Graham’s memoir Talking as Fast as I Can, I’m sharing my favourite Lorelai moment. And there were so many to choose from. I fell into a black hole of reading articles sharing the best Gilmore Girls moments, BUT I eventually decided on my moment.

When Lorelai and Rory are reunited in season six after not speaking for months, it’s a total sob moment. Go on, re-live it.


It’s such a true reflection of both of their characters and their relationship that even after such a huge fight a single phone call gets them back together again. That when Rory got good news she wanted to tell her mum. It makes me a bit teary even thinking about it.

“I love you, Mom.”
“You have no idea, kid.”

‘Talking as Fast as I Can’ by Lauren Graham is released on December 6th from Virago.


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