Monday 7 July 2014

A Blog Break

It's becoming clear to me that I need a break from blogging. Lately I've been reading to finish and review a book, not enjoy the experience. I think that the only thing that will cure that is a break. 

I don't know how long I'll be away, maybe a few days, a few weeks, but hopefully not longer than a month. Then I can come back with new things to say, enthusiasm, motivation and a renewed excitement about something that I sink so much time and effort into, seemingly for nothing at the moment. 

In the coming days there will be reading without a schedule or a timescale, rereading the TMI books so I can finally get around to City of Heavenly Fire, going back to older books and jumping forward to review books not out for a while. My bookshelf is a free for all and I'm already excited about it. Oh, and I'll also be indulging in my new TV show obsession, Greek. I'm so in love with Cappie it's embarrassing... 

There will be some posts here and there; I have some scheduled and there are blog tours I've agreed to partake in that I will honour. But I'm hoping that I'll start posting again almost naturally, so fingers crossed a review might pop up every now and then before I am officially back off of my break.

Of course, I'll still be around. I try not to leave Twitter when I don't have to, I still want to read all your blog posts and, well, YALC is at the weekend and I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE ALL YOUR FACES!

So, yeah. I'll be gone and then I'll be back - I always am. 



  1. Fair enough, we understand if you need a break. And I can't wait to see you at YALC!!! :D

  2. Blogging breaks are totally necessary sometimes. I actually am just getting back into blogging after... a whole year. It took me that long to get my spark back. But, I needed it. So just take your time and don't worry about it. We'll be here. :)

  3. Enjoy your reread! I've literally just finished mine and I'm halfway through book 6. Looking forward to your return, but take a well earned break!

    R x
    My TTT

  4. I've been feeling a bit blogged out recently so I can completely understand where you're coming from! I hope you enjoy your break and being able to pick up whatever you fancy to read with no review writing pressure :o)

    Also I CAN'T WAIT to see you at YALC!!! (hugs)

  5. I've been feeling all blogged out recently too! Planning on taking a break in August! Enjoy your time 'off!' :)

  6. OMG I love Greek and Cappie. I watched it all myself not long ago. Enjoy!


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